Who knew that planning a wedding and being pregnant for the first time were so similar?!?

You may find it bizarre that I can even compare the two but in the past few weeks since we set the date for our wedding, I’ve been surprised at how similar my wedding planning experience is to when I first got pregnant. There’s a lot of naivety involved and here’s why. Firstly, Olivia was planned, […]

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Seven months in…..

First of all, I hate to say it, but where the hell have the last seven months gone? I feel like I should have a newborn baby still! As much as I love seeing O growing up, it’s just happening way too fast! As the weeks go by, being a first time mother is very […]

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Pregnancy Photos

Any of my expectant readers out there might be very interested in this!…. Have you considered getting semi-naked photos taken with your bump? It’s become very popular thanks to Demi Moore’s controversial naked pregnancy shots on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine back in 1991. From that momemt on she paved the way for other […]

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Making new friends during pregnancy

Making friends with other pregnant women was something i hadn’t thought about during the early days’ of my pregnancy. But as the weeks passed it was a gradual progression with 3 local women i had already known but wasn’t very close to. Most of my group of friends have kids also but it’s that special bond you make […]

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Fear of the Smear!

I received a letter to invite me for my free smear test that is offered every three years from the age of 25-44. Now as important as it is to have this done, my heart sank when i opened it because since giving birth i am just a bit anxious about allowing anyone to go near me […]

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