Note to self.

I had this lovely idea recently that I would bring Olivia to my 28 week antenatal appointment. Her dad couldn’t get off work for it so it was the perfect opportunity to have a mummy/daughter afternoon and include her in even more of this pregnancy.  She’s a typical girl – sweet and maternal and extremely […]

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Three. It’s a magic number.

Olivia turned three recently. Three.  It’s strange that I still feel like I only gave birth to her a few months ago (mentally speaking, not physically) I don’t think I can hang on to my “new mother” status for much longer now, “First time mother” maybe, but not “new mother” . Looking back on her first […]

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Child free for a night!

Olivia went on a sleepover to her grandparents over the weekend. She hadn’t been for a while and mammy and daddy were very excited knowing they were going to have a full nights sleep for one night, in their own bed, TOGETHER. No one can really understand this excitement until you have a child that doesn’t […]

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