Bringing it back to the eighties…

I reckon I’m like most people once they have kids. I take out the family photos and compare myself and my husband to our own babies, trying to find similarities in our looks, “ooh he definitely has my nose and she definitely has your eyes” I do it ALL THE TIME – I’ve never had our photo albums out as much […]

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Boho babe part 2!

I’m a gypsy girl at heart, attracted to all things bohemian and eclectic. From household to fashion I just love the imperfectness of it all, the embroidery, the colours, it’s just so eye catching and unique. So this cute embroidered flowy top I bought for Olivia from Monsoon, was right up my street! It’s my […]

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Outfit Post – A Rainy Summer’s Day

We’re used to rainy Summer day’s in Ireland, but you still hope your kid gets to wear all the cute Summer bits you’ve bought! I started getting Olivia’s Summer wardrobe together a few weeks ago, it’s full of playsuits, shorts, tees and little dresses. But I’ve still got her jeans, leggings and cardigans at hand of course… And […]

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