Outfit Post – New Shoes

My dear mother bought Olivia a new pair of shoes the other week, it was so kind and generous of her I know. But she didn’t ask me first and these cute shoes didn’t go with anything in her wardrobe. My mother is all about comfortable, sensible shoes and you can’t beat Clarks shoes for […]

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Outfit post – Turning two.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was planning Olivia’s 1st birthday bash, but here I am planning her second. I still have to pinch myself that I have a two year old daughter, or to be honest, just that I have a daughter in general! So her birthday & party is one week […]

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Sunday – Outfit Post

Last Sunday my mam, Olivia and myself visited some of our family who have passed on. Olivia has been with me a few times before, she likes to wander around and explore the place. For me, there’s something especially nostalgic about visiting their graves at Christmas time, I’ll never forget them no matter what time of year, but Christmas is […]

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Our Santa visit to Wells House

This is our second Christmas with Olivia and I must admit we didn’t bring her to see Santa for her first Christmas last year, she was 10 months old and I thought what was the point? Imagine! But my mam actually brought her while I was at work but I have no photographic evidence of it happening. So this […]

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Outfit Post – A Rainy Summer’s Day

We’re used to rainy Summer day’s in Ireland, but you still hope your kid gets to wear all the cute Summer bits you’ve bought! I started getting Olivia’s Summer wardrobe together a few weeks ago, it’s full of playsuits, shorts, tees and little dresses. But I’ve still got her jeans, leggings and cardigans at hand of course… And […]

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Outfit Post – Boho babe

Boy am I glad I bought a few more Summer bits for Olivia last week! Yesterday’s weather was so warm and beautiful. I wasn’t prepared in the wardrobe department myself but at least Olivia was! I’ve heard women say that before actually, you buy for the kids before yourself and that’s what I’m doing lately. […]

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