Simple & Handy Bath Seat

Olivia got a lovely gift of a bath seat this week from her aunty Lorraine. Most babies love bath-time and Olivia is defintely one of them. I can’t believe we’re at the stage of her sitting up on her own in the bath now. The seat is defintely a safety comfort for me, gone is […]

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Bedtime/Sky News

I read this on Sky News Online this morning, We didn’t need a test to show how important this is, but seeing it in black and white shows the importance of a consistent bedtime… Putting children to bed at the same time every night could help boost their brain power, researchers have found. A study […]

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Shopping in the sales….

When I shop for myself in the sales, I tend to look for timeless pieces that I’ll wear for more than one season because then it really is a bargain! I’m sure thats the way for most people too. In my opinion the same thought applies when shopping for our kids, I have already bought some pieces that won’t fit Olivia […]

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Story time

If like me, any of you mammy’s reading this couldn’t escape signing up to a mother & baby website. Aaron and I were given the info at our “checking in” appointment, we were so on the ball to do everything by the book that we signed up in the waiting room straight away. It’s a way to follow your […]

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Olivia’s first spoonfeed

This entry will probably only interest new mothers or pregnant first time mothers as I’m just sharing what it was like to feed Olivia for the first time by spoon. I remember the day that I decided to bottlefeed Olivia and I felt overwhelmed at the thought of having to sterilizie all of them, I thought it was […]

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The Bumbo Floor Seat

Have I been living under a rock? Up until a few weeks ago I hadn’t heard of the Bumbo Floor Seat, I hope i’m not the only one! I’ve just borrowed one from a friend for Olivia to try out and see if she likes it and my verdict is, she does! It’s so cute […]

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Nursery Time…..

So Kim and Kanye have decided on the colour scheme for their baby’s nursery – Black & White! Unusual to say the least but it sounds like it’s going to be very extravagant! I am defintely in favour of a gender neutral nursery if you know or don’t know the sex of your baby. The […]

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