Bathing with O…

I got a notion to have a bath with Olivia recently and it was such good fun. She was 6 months old last week but she can’t sit up on her own yet so with my help she sat in the bath with me and we had a some playtime together. Her daddy was on […]

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Story time

If like me, any of you mammy’s reading this couldn’t escape signing up to a mother & baby website. Aaron and I were given the info at our “checking in” appointment, we were so on the ball to do everything by the book that we signed up in the waiting room straight away. It’s a way to follow your […]

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Making new friends during pregnancy

Making friends with other pregnant women was something i hadn’t thought about during the early days’ of my pregnancy. But as the weeks passed it was a gradual progression with 3 local women i had already known but wasn’t very close to. Most of my group of friends have kids also but it’s that special bond you make […]

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Baby Massage

So i’ve fallen for the hype and signed up for baby massage classes but in fairness it sounds too good to not do it!  Not only does my class involve tea and scones but it gives mothers/fathers a chance to meet and chat to one another. I am one of “those” mothers who likes to talk all […]

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