On my mind this week…..

This is probably one of my first blog posts I’ve done with a round up of a few topics I have on my mind. After organising a trip away for my boyfriend’s birthday to watch his fav team play, I’m sitting here alone on the weekend of Mothering Sunday – listening to Haim, eating an Easter […]

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The Bumbo Floor Seat

Have I been living under a rock? Up until a few weeks ago I hadn’t heard of the Bumbo Floor Seat, I hope i’m not the only one! I’ve just borrowed one from a friend for Olivia to try out and see if she likes it and my verdict is, she does! It’s so cute […]

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Reflux sucks!

It seems I didn’t know the difference between normal and abnormal when it came to Olivia’s spew! I admit I was going through, on average about 4-5 bibs per feed which I look back now and think it’s alot! There are probably tons of you out there now saying they’ve experienced it alot worse and I do […]

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Nursery Time…..

So Kim and Kanye have decided on the colour scheme for their baby’s nursery – Black & White! Unusual to say the least but it sounds like it’s going to be very extravagant! I am defintely in favour of a gender neutral nursery if you know or don’t know the sex of your baby. The […]

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