My Bridal Beauty Prep.

It’s now 9 weeks until my wedding day and the bridal prep has well and truly begun. A few months ago I began to really focus on my diet and lifestyle. I wasn’t wanting a drastic change, I’m just focussed on looking my absolute best for my wedding. I’ve always been interested in keeping fit […]

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Accidental Co- Sleepers

We never expected to co-sleep when O arrived. I was adamant that she would sleep in her own cot (and when she was older) her own bed. I always felt that it would help with her independence for when she grew up. (I have no scientific proof of that but I felt she may be […]

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Mini Fashion Post – Owl Dress

Finally, I made some time to do another Mini Fashion post. ‘About time’ I hear you say! I had been waiting for good weather and the right location for this look, although I think it was well worth the wait. I pass this old mill in Foulksmills Co. Wexford quite alot lately because it’s close to our […]

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First Aid for Parents Class.

At last! I’m happy to announce another date for my First Aid for Parents Class. I didn’t think it would take me this long to announce the second date but you know when life gets busy sometimes and certain things (like my first aid for parents class) get sidelined. Until now that is! So here I am again with […]

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A (grey) room with a view.

Never have I had such a desire to build my dream home as I have recently, thanks to my favourite programme Room To Improve on RTE 1, my head is filled with ideas of renovations and dreamy décor. I love Dermot Bannon, I love his vision on each project that he takes on, unfortunately we can’t afford to hire […]

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