Miss Mane Hair Accessories Giveaway

Oh I love giveaway’s and I’m extra excited about this one because yesterday I announced that I’m a finalist in the Best Parenting Blog category at the Blog Awards Ireland. I’m really delighted, so it’s nice to mark that excitement with a little competition. So this time I’ve teamed up with Miss Mane Hair Accessories, an Irish company selling […]

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Kia Ora Mini Farm

For me, Summer is about day-tripping to different places as often as possible. I love being able to hop into the car and visit somewhere child friendly with O, it doesn’t have to be hours away, preferably not hours away at all, nor even overnight. Just a day away from the norm. Today was one […]

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Vanish Stain Remover – Review

In the past, I’m guilty of throwing clothes into the washing machine without a second thought of treating a stain. When the wash finished and the stain was still there I would sigh and think why didn’t it come out? Also, in the past, if there was a really noticeable stain on a piece of […]

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Pair The Square Game

I’m a sucker for anything that encourages learning. I myself struggled at times during primary and secondary school. Learning never came easy to me but I wasn’t dumb either, I just had to try very hard to get good results. So since O came along it was always in the back of mind to encourage […]

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Review – Glamglow Youthmud

I woke up on Mother’s Day with a similar feeling that you’d have on Christmas morning or on your birthday. I was super excited because I anticipated a bit of spoiling coming my way, I was welcoming any bit of positive acknowledgment for being a mother! (Shallow I know) And in fairness to my boyfriend he did […]

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A modern take on the Rocking chair…

For me, furniture shopping is as exciting as clothes shopping. Finding that perfect piece for a room in your home is quite challenging though, especially when you’re on a budget. Having taken lots of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, I had an idea of what chair I wanted for Olivia’s bedroom. We began redecorating Olivia’s room from […]

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Our Santa visit to Wells House

This is our second Christmas with Olivia and I must admit we didn’t bring her to see Santa for her first Christmas last year, she was 10 months old and I thought what was the point? Imagine! But my mam actually brought her while I was at work but I have no photographic evidence of it happening. So this […]

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