Hayfever & Pregnancy

I have suffered badly with hayfever since I was a child. Beautiful Summer day’s have sometimes been ruined when I’m outdoors because my hayfever gets so bad. Itchy nose, blocked nose, itchy eyes, puffy eyes, sneezing, constant nose wiping, it’s a bloody nuisance. I envy anyone that doesn’t suffer with it. Antihistamines were the main thing that helped […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Centra’s #livewell campaign.

Centra launched their first – #livewell campaign today in association with the Irish Cancer Society’s Action Breast Cancer program. Hosted by Sybil Mulcahy with guest panelists – Nutritionist – Sarah Keogh , Broadcastor & Breast Cancer Survivor – Evelyn O’ Rourke, Blogger – Pippa O’ Connor and Breast Health Advice from Naomi Fitzgibbon – Irish Cancer Society’s Nurseline Manager. […]

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My Bridal Beauty Prep.

It’s now 9 weeks until my wedding day and the bridal prep has well and truly begun. A few months ago I began to really focus on my diet and lifestyle. I wasn’t wanting a drastic change, I’m just focussed on looking my absolute best for my wedding. I’ve always been interested in keeping fit […]

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First Aid for Parents Class.

At last! I’m happy to announce another date for my First Aid for Parents Class. I didn’t think it would take me this long to announce the second date but you know when life gets busy sometimes and certain things (like my first aid for parents class) get sidelined. Until now that is! So here I am again with […]

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Battling the bulge!

In April, I wrote a blog post about going back to the gym because I couldn’t fit into some of my favourite pieces of clothing. It went well for a while, but my food intake hadn’t changed much so because of that I wasn’t really losing much weight and I lost all my motivation and […]

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