A (grey) room with a view.

Never have I had such a desire to build my dream home as I have recently, thanks to my favourite programme Room To Improve on RTE 1, my head is filled with ideas of renovations and dreamy décor. I love Dermot Bannon, I love his vision on each project that he takes on, unfortunately we can’t afford to hire […]

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Pinterest perfect bookshelves.

I’ve been hooked on Pinterest since I was introduced to it a few years ago. I kept scrapbooks of my favourite things when I was a young girl but now thanks to Pinterest I can keep an online scrapbook of what I admire in the world. I could happily pass an hour or two pinning stuff like home style, […]

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Banana & Almond Muffins

I like a bit of baking but finding the time to do it lately is the hard part. Once I get started though, especially with a recipe I’m familiar with, it doesn’t take long at all. It’s cleaning up afterwards that really wrecks my head! One of my fav recipes is my Banana & Almond […]

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The Perfect Invite!

O’s christening day is just around the corner and thankfully all the plans are coming together nicely. We’re kind of going a bit over the top or maybe it’s just “me” going over the top! Anyway, our list seems to be growing by the day even though at the beginning we hadn’t planned on a […]

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