For the week that’s in it!

Next week is World Breast Feeding Week and for a woman that had such a disastrous breastfeeding experience very early on into motherhood, I have to say, I still find myself engrossed by this topic and it seems everyone else is too. I was interviewed a few day’s ago for The Sunday Business Post (out […]

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Ikea and a toddler = Mayhem

The first time Olivia was in Ikea, she was tucked away nicely in my belly, I realise now, that it’s probably the best place for a child if you’re going there! But before I realised that, I thought it’d be a great idea for the three of us to take a family trip to the stylish furniture store again […]

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My 67th week as a mother…

  67 weeks as a mother and last week was the first week Olivia’s two main babysitter’s went on holiday, so that propelled us (and especially me) into a tizzy, trying to organise people to mind her while we were at work. It made me realise how relatively easy I’d had it. You see I’m lucky enough to have […]

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Child Proofing at home.

Recently we started child proofing around the house. Olivia is wandering everywhere now that she’s walking and her curiosity could one day lead her into danger, so it was definitely time to do it! Our two main concerns are the stairs and the bathroom. She’s caught her little fingers in the toilet seat a few times (nothing […]

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