Boots Parenting Club Launch

The Intercontinental Hotel was the stunning venue for yesterday morning’s launch of Boots brand new Parenting Club.  It was an intimate launch with bloggers and media representatives present. Our children were also invited and it was very child friendly indeed, with just the right amount of toy’s and activities for our little ones to enjoy […]

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A rare day off together.

Like most working couples, having a day off on exactly the same day doesn’t come around that often. We both work weekends so when it does happen, I for one don’t know what to do with myself. I think of manly stuff that I need done around the house and then of course my boyfriend […]

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Toddler R & R – Massage

Olivia was three months old when I signed up for baby massage. I loved every minute of those classes. It was a break from the house and it was another special way for the two of us to bond. Learning the technique was awkward at times but seeing her on the blanket so relaxed (most of the time) was mesmerizing. I […]

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Basic First Aid for Parents Class

I’m delighted to finally have a date for my……. When I made the announcement that I was interested in holding these classes I was overwhelmed with the response. I received so many messages and comments that I don’t know why I thought people might not respond. It’s such an important topic to gain knowledge about so of course […]

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Bringing your child to a playground is just something that comes naturally to every parent. It’s good stimulation for them and it’s a break from the house for everyone. Olivia loves going to the “pawk” , especially to play on the swings. Our town park right here in New Ross is really lovely and it […]

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