About Aileen – Olivia’s mother.


My name is Aileen and in February 2013 I gave birth to my first child Olivia (or “O” as she’s mostly referred to in my posts). I decided to start this blog when O was a few months old because everyday as a mother had turned into a new experience that I really didn’t expect at all. My life, with my partner in tow had a whole new meaning and I felt the need to share my “new mother” status with other first time mothers and women in general, because the books don’t tell us everything and that’s what makes motherhood so amazing (and scary)!

My posts are about my pregnancy and afterwards, the products I use, to the things Olivia does each day. Styling her for my Mini Fashion posts is one of my favourite parts of blogging especially.

I hope you enjoy reading it.


5 thoughts on “About Aileen – Olivia’s mother.

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