Easter Crafts for kids – Bunny Head

We’ve not had the best start to the Easter Holiday’s, both kids have been sick, one with Scarlet Fever and the other with a viral infection and it’s been exhausting to say the least!

They’ve been indoors a lot and it’s left Olivia (especially) with a bad dose of cabin fever and you can imagine the nagging from that!

We’ve re-watched all the Shrek movies and have eaten some Easter eggs (which I thought I would never do before Easter Sunday) but the boredom got to us and you’d do anything to keep a child happy. They couldn’t enjoy the fine weather either, so I figured it was the perfect time to take out the arts and crafts bag and get creative with Olivia.

These Easter Bunny heads are super easy to make and are perfect for little hands to make all by themselves too  (with a little adult supervision of course)

You will need :

  • Paper Plates
  • Wiggly Eyes
  • Chenille stems (for whiskers)
  • Some Easter pattern paper or card
  • Markers
  • Pom poms (for the nose)
  • Glitter for decoration (not essential)
  • Pritt stick/PVA Glue

We had some leftover animal paper plates from Oscars birthday party so I just cut off the ears and left the circle shape. Olivia began by colouring in the white paper plate in a soft pink colour. This is not essential but she wanted to add a bit of colour to the bunny’s face.

Olivia then chose the wiggly eyes and stuck them on with pritt stick, she also added 3 chenille stems in the centre for the whiskers. PVA glue is better for this as they are a bit thicker and need something stronger. Then she added a pom for the nose and drew a mouth with a marker.

For the ears, I bought some Easter pattern egg shaped cards from my local discount store and cut out the shape of bunny ears, then we glued 1/4 of the bottom and stuck them to the back of plate.

And Olivia added some glitter for decoration to finish it off. Didn’t I tell you they were easy?! We made a couple more to make a bunny family and it was great to keep Olivia occupied for a few hours.

Heres a link to another Easter Crafts I did a few years back. Be kind, it was my first time!

Hoppy Easter everyone!

p.s I know the sign behind Olivias head is missing a letter P in Hoppy but we’ve misplaced one so we had to make do 🙂

(Idea from Pinterest)

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