Hello 2019.

Hello there, Happy New Year. Can you believe it’s 2019 already? 19 years since this millennium began. Crazy.

Now I’m not trying to be a negative Nancy here but I can’t believe Christmas is actually over already. It seems the older I get, the quicker the Christmas season goes by. I often heard people saying that over the years and now I’m of an age where I actually feel that way too. Boo hoo.

Don’t get me wrong I had a lovely time and the build up was great. I’m not one to get excited too early and I find that’s very important. You won’t see decorations up in my house until after the 8th of December, that way I don’t wish the day’s away.  The build up is all part of it and we enjoyed our Santa visit at home this year to get us in the mood. We visited him at The Dunbrody Famine Ship visitors centre and the kids had a ball. We also enjoyed a Christmas trad music concert in a local church and Olivia even had her Christmas dance show in the National Opera House in Wexford on December 21st. I was super excited to see her on stage in this gorgeous venue but it turned into a disaster. She got the dreaded stage fright and walked off stage mid dance and never returned. I was in the audience and my heart literally broke for her. Right now we are working on building her confidence and we’re hoping she will return to dancing and ease herself back in without worrying about going on stage. But that’s a whole other blog post! In the midst of all the festivities my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy – my nephew Theo. He arrived on Dec 7th, just in time for Christmas. It made it extra special this year.

Christmas morning itself was a magical one. Thankfully the kids woke at a reasonable hour (8am) and we ventured downstairs to see what Santa had left for them. Isn’t it just the best feeling seeing their reaction? I would love to bottle up that magic and keep it forever but in a way we kind of do. We record those moments on camera to have them to look back on for years to come. If anyone hasn’t thought of doing that yet, then I strongly advise it. We’ve recorded Olivia each year and now since Oscar’s arrival it’s lovely seeing their faces, Oscars was priceless this year! We had Christmas music playing in the background and he decided to have a little dance in the middle of the room while standing by his car that Santa had brought for him, it was so funny and adorable.

Christmas day went by in a flash as it does every year, a mix of eating, sleeping, movie watching, game playing and more eating (as you do)The festivities started to die down and we rang in the new year with my family at home in my parents house and the next day we started the new year off with a trip to Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo. I had wanted to go last year but it just didn’t work out, so I was adamant of making the trip up this year and New Years Day seemed like a great day to go. We packed up the car and the four of us headed off for the day (bearing in mind we had a teething 15 month old in tow) It was never going to be easy was it?! The key was to pack all the snacks and medication needed to keep him and everyone else happy and it worked! (well, sort of) Apart from a tantrum in the lovely pub near The Phoenix Park where we had some food and the time where Oscar catapulted Nurofen straight into Aarons face) everyone was in relatively good enough form to enjoy the magnificent light display in the zoo. If a baby can point his little finger towards the lights above our heads and stare at them, then it’s a good enough sign that it’s worth a visit. The illuminated silk lanterns are so stunning, whoever created this needs a pat on the back. Celebrating China was my favourite part of it but there was lots more to see too. The overall theme was Ocean of Light. The intricate detail that goes into them is amazing. It cost 55euro for the four of us and we all really enjoyed it. It ends on Sunday 6th, so if you haven’t gone yet, put it on your list of things to do for this December.

Seriously though, can you believe that Christmas is over?

My husband went back to work on Wednesday, I’m back since Dec 27th, and school starts back on Monday, so it’s straight into a routine again. A routine we can’t seem to grasp just yet. Olivia is already moaning about going to bed early and not being able to get up for school. I imagine it will take a couple of day’s to get used to it all again. That’s why there’ll be no dry January for me and I’m still eating like it’s Christmas because like, F**k it!

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