Discover The Courage In You – My Book Heroes Review

DSCN2991When the team from My Book Heroes got in touch and asked us to review one of their personalized books I was very eager to look them up and see what they were all about as I had never heard of them before. But once I did, I jumped at the chance.

Their mission statement is -“Empowering children as early as possible to be the best version of themselves”.

As a child I could’ve done with reading a book or two like this, so I’m all about introducing Olivia to reading material that helps her to realize her full potential.

Olivia is like most children when it comes to bedtime, she loves a story being read or told to her before she goes to sleep and she has her Top 5 books that she loves. It can get quite repetitive for me but never boring for her, so when I can I like to introduce a new story to her because there are so many lovely stories out there to be read, I can’t help but nudge her in their direction.

DSCN2989 (2)

My Book Heroes aim to boost self esteem in children everywhere. The beautifully illustrated personalized books with the characters Silvy the Fox, Plato the Panda and Grace the Bunny are known as The Impossible Possible Team and along with your own child as the hero, they go on an adventure where they are faced with a task which they have to overcome all the while using practical life skills that your child would use in reality.

An exciting part at the beginning of all of this is choosing which avatar best suits your child and choosing which book of their life skill series you want the story to be about. There is also a space to write a personal message to the child for whom the book is for.

For me choosing Courage was a pretty easy decision. Olivia seems to lack confidence and courage in certain areas of her life. She has been quite self conscious going on stage at her dance show and is still afraid of going to sleep alone at night. These may not be obstacles for some kids but they have been a genuine issue for Olivia in the past so anything that would help her to solve this is great in my eyes.


Olivia’s book takes her on an adventure through the city at night with the Impossible Possible Team where courage is the magical key to overcome all the strange things happening (but really they’re not strange at all)! It symbolizes a child’s wild imagination and we all know how wild that can be!

When the book Discover The Courage In You  arrived in the post, Olivia had no idea about it coming. I handed her the big envelope and she opened it by herself. I recorded her opening it and lets just say it took a while! But when the book eventually appeared I read it out to her. When she saw that her name was inside on all the pages and a character that resembled her, she was grinning from ear to ear. She really couldn’t believe it actually.

I know My Book Heroes  aren’t the first personalized books around but it’s the first for Olivia and one with an important message to deliver which is really lovely.

The book is a longer bedtime story than usual for us and at the back they include interactive questions for the child, that we have to look back through the pages for the answers. Sometimes we read it during the day instead of bedtime because Olivia finds it quite exciting more than relaxing, although she was very keen for me to read it to her the last few nights.

Since we received the book we seem to be speaking more openly about staying safe in certain situations and when she’s scared of something, how she can overcome that fear and realize that if she thinks about the problem for a moment, there is always an answer and someone there to support her.

If you like the sound of My Book Heroes  then click on any of the links in this post and make sure to use the code OLIVIA10 to receive 10% off and there’s also FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


***I received this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link*** 

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