Wexford’s Passport To Fun – Enniscorthy Castle

The second location we chose to visit thanks to the guidance of a certain book we have, was to Enniscorthy Castle. I would have frequented Enniscorthy town quite a bit when I was a young girl (my mam is from that neck of the woods) but I never really noticed the castle before even though it’s right in the heart of the town.

Crazy I know!

400 Year Old Graffiti in the dungeon.

Even though Wexford’s Passport to Fun is aimed at kids, it most definitely appeals to adults too. It’s not all fairy doors and pony rides! At Enniscorthy Castle we all got to delve into the past lives of so many generations. Who doesn’t like a bit of history dating back to the 13th Century right up to the 1950’s? I myself am so curious when it comes to peoples lives from years ago. How they lived really interests me, whether they were rich or poor, there’s no denying they were fascinating times.

The floors of the castle are split to show Anglo-Norman Life and as a home to the last family to have lived there, (the Roche’s) from 1903-1951. The exhibition also explores Wexford in the 1950’s with a permanent exhibition to Colm Toibins movie Brooklyn (as some of the movie was filmed in the town), as well as the work of the renowned Irish furniture designer and architect Eileen Gray born in 1878 just outside the town.

We also got a chance to dress up as Norman knights and have a friendly battle with wooden swords and shields. Oscar even got to ride in a replica car of what the Roche children would have played with 100 years ago. Those were the highlights for my two!

We spent a good hour or so there taking in it’s history and entry fees are very affordable.

Adults: €5.00
Seniors & Students  €4
Children (over 5) €3
Family (2 Adults & up to 3 Children) €10

We went on a dreary Sunday afternoon and it killed the boredom perfectly. Now Olivia has become accustomed to asking me on my day off “can we go somewhere in the book mam?”. So far, it’s doing exactly what it set out to do – Entertain the whole family!

Up next – Kilmokea Manor House and Gardens.


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