Wexford’s Passport to Fun – First Stop – The Irish National Heritage Park


DSCN2822Hands up who has been racking their brain every week trying to think of things to do and places to see to keep the kids entertained?

Yep, me too!

My plan since the Summer holiday’s began was to do at least one fun and interesting trip with my two babes on my day off, especially for Olivia’s sake because we’ve been getting the “I’m bored” statement since the first week of school holiday’s and you know when you start to run out of ideas of new places to go and you find yourself going back to the same places over and over again for handiness sake? That’s when you know you need a few recommendations.

So a few weeks ago I saw something online about Wexford’s Passport to Fun. A little booklet highlighting popular tourist attractions around Co. Wexford for families to visit. I actually didn’t think we could get it because we already live in Co. Wexford and I assumed it was just for people holidaying here (silly I know). Then I saw Kellie from My Little Babog blog talking about it again so I sent away for it on Visit Wexford and it arrived about a week later (and since we got ours I heard they’re directly available from popular tourist spots also)The book is an interactive guide for kids to get involved in where they can do puzzles, play games, colour pictures and learn all about these fascinating places in Co. Wexford.

I was very curious to see what places were listed in it and I was relieved that we had visited more than half of the places already. It would be pretty awful if we hadn’t been to many places on our own doorstep right? Even now that our itinerary was shorter we still had no excuse to be bored, there are places in it that I hadn’t even thought of and I was excited to visit them even if the rest of my gang weren’t. Places like, Lavender Farm, Kilmokea Gardens, Enniscorthy Castle and believe it or not, a chance to do some strawberry picking.

So out of the places we hadn’t visited, we chose The Irish National Heritage Park in Wexford town first. Aaron and myself had been there as kids and I remembered it being really interesting so I was keen for Olivia to go too. Her friend Lyndsey tagged along with us and it was even better than I remembered before. It was a history lesson while having lots of fun and the kids had no idea!

This outdoor museum depicting 9000 years of re-created Irish history is a must see for everyone. From the moment we arrived the girls were fascinated with what we came across around every bend and to be honest so were Aaron and I. All my lessons from school came flooding back to me. I loved seeing it again and I can totally appreciate what they’ve done down there. To re-create history so that it’s preserved for all to see and learn from is just incredible. The pictures speak for themselves don’t you think?

The scenery and where it’s situated on the banks of the River Slaney is just breathtaking too and for just 25 euro entry fee for the 5 of us (babies free) it’s well worth a visit.

DSCN2825DSCN2830DSCN2835DSCN2836DSCN2843DSCN2844DSCN2845DSCN2847DSCN2849DSCN2851DSCN2856DSCN2859DSCN2857Extra charges for Archery 3 euro and Shield Making 8 euro.

Next stop Enniscorthy Castle….

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