Bringing it back to the eighties…


I reckon I’m like most people once they have kids. I take out the family photos and compare myself and my husband to our own babies, trying to find similarities in our looks, “ooh he definitely has my nose and she definitely has your eyes” I do it ALL THE TIME – I’ve never had our photo albums out as much in my life as I’ve had in the last five years of being a mammy.

The other thing I like to examine in my childhood photos is the fashion. I must say I am pretty impressed with how my mam dressed us as youngsters for a typical Irish working-class family. Thankfully I never had a “what were you thinking mam” moment. (I had plenty of those when I got older and I only have myself to blame!) I loved the simplicity and care free sense of dress for kids back then. It was very relaxed and age appropriate and even though Olivia gets alot more new clothes now than I did back then, she appreciates what she gets and loves wearing the clothes that I choose for her.

There’s one particular photo of me as a six/seven year old that I absolutely love because (a) I’m happily dancing (on my own) (b) my nanny Biddy is sitting behind me and (c) I just love what I’m wearing.

I was inspired to dress Olivia in a similar way to that photo of me and now that terry cloth shorts are doing the rounds again, I reckon we have TV show Stranger Things to thank for that!  But did they ever go out of fashion even? They are so cool!

We went to the field next to my parents house and had a bit of fun on Sunday. Olivia is becoming more comfortable in front of the camera and I’m becoming more confident behind it and it’s something I’m beginning to notice in the shots too.

I know it’s just an outfit but these photos bring me right back to the eighties when I was an innocent, carefree child just like Olivia is now. Oh the memories….

T-Shirt and Shorts – Zara

Knee High Socks and Water Gun – F&F Tesco



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