My Christmas Gift Guide from Shops in New Ross.

I love shopping and I love my little town of New Ross, so I figured compiling a list of gorgeous gifts from independent retailers was a good idea (if I do say so myself) 😉 We’re all quick to buy online and travel afar to shop but I love browsing around and having a look at what’s available on my doorstep too. There’s a few shops that I absolutely love in New Ross and I always try to find what I’m looking for in them before going out of town.

I was a business owner once upon a time, so I know how important and vital it is to a small business for people to shop local. Yes, some things may cost a few euro more (not all the time by the way) but I always think about the money I’m saving on fuel by not having to travel. I personally like experiencing friendlier customer service when possible too and availing of beautiful gift wrapping and a nice carrier bag!

With Christmas day just around the corner the clock is ticking and if you’re like me and you’ve only just started shopping, don’t stress, it all gets done in the end so there’s no need to panic (just yet anyway).

I had a lovely browse around town this week and I’ve found some really lovely gift ideas. The choice of beautiful gifts is phenomenal in a little town. My gift guide covers ideas for men, women and children and I haven’t forgotten our furry friends either!

The products in my gift guide come from Town and Country Mercantile, Purple Lotus Holistic Shop, Brooks Jewellers & Gifts, Mr. H Menswear, Nolans Bookshop, Craft Central, Barrow Office Supplies, Bomb Cosmetics, Anna Furlong Hair Salon, The Beauty Parlour, Full & Plenty Farm Shop, Cooney’s Florist, Dermot Kehoes Supply & DIY, Bailey’s Framing, Hugmie, and Cleary’s Animal World.

Just scroll over each photo and click each one for information on the items shown…

For someone who has everything…

Are you inspired yet?

Something for the kids…

And our four legged friends….

Now are you inspired? I really hope so and there’s lots more where they came from!

Happy Shopping!

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