Review – Forest Friend Lottie Doll

DSCN2075Olivia and I were thrilled to have received a Lottie Doll & Biscuits the Beagle dog to review over the Summer. She was grinning from ear to ear when a package arrived in the post that was just for her and when she saw her new Forest Friend Lottie and Biscuits the Beagle dog in real life, she couldn’t wait to start playing with them. We even brought Lottie to a fairy village in our local woods on her first outing with Olivia. Forest Friend Lottie wears a beautiful layered dress, gold shoes and has fiery red hair. Biscuits the Beagle comes with his own bed and bone. The detail with these toy’s are excellent.

Dogs and fairies aren’t your average companionship but these work well together in Olivia’s world of make believe. She adores fairies and animals, especially dogs so these two were a welcomed addition to her toy box.

DSCN2074Olivia already had a Lottie Doll called Autumn Leaves Lottie and I have heard so much more about them since. I can see why they are becoming more and more popular with kids and parents alike. Lottie, Finn & Friends aren’t like other dolls we know. These dolls are quite unique and I love their story. They are all about encouraging children to be proud of who they are, not growing up too quickly and presenting a healthy view on body image – And we all know that’s what kids these day’s need! Lottie and Finn dolls are ethnically diverse, they are designed to the dimensions of an actual nine year old child’s body. The dolls look how a real child would look, wearing appropriate clothing (that are super cute by the way) they don’t wear makeup or high heels and they can stand on their own two feet!

The Lottie Doll range isn’t small by any means either. I would safely say there’s a Lottie that would suit most kids interests – there’s School Day’s Lottie, Rockabilly, Stargazer, Always Artsy Lottie and many more. Lottie & Finn are all about inclusion during play. Meaning boy’s should feel just as comfortable playing with dolls as much as girls do, there’s Kite Flyer Finn boy doll and Junior Reporter Sammi boy doll too. Each Lottie doll comes with a backstory, some of them are even based on real life kids! Lottie’s latest doll Mia, is a wildlife photographer with her own camera and welly boots but she also has a cochlear implant (yes you read that right!) a cochlear implant. She is the first doll in the world to have one. You can read all about that From MD of Lottie Dolls Ian Harkin and listen to his interview on Today FM. Having a doll like Mia would easily encourage a child to be happy with who they are and for all kids to understand their friends more and that everyone is different and unique in their own way.

Olivia is a doll lover through and through. I love watching her play with them and listening to her imagination run wild. Her dad and I giggle to each other sometimes at the scenarios she creates for her dolls, it really is funny at times.

She’ll turn five in three months time and I’ve already noticed her type of play changing. Each dolls role is becoming more in tune with her own life and that’s due to her being in school and experiencing life in a classroom and playground environment. Introducing Lottie Dolls with all their different personas will be a healthy choice for her imagination.


You can buy Lottie, Finn & Friends online HERE They have special offers on this week for Black Friday using code BLACKFRIDAY17.

What a lovely Christmas present they would make.

*** I received this doll for review. All opinions are my own.***

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