Note to self.

I had this lovely idea recently that I would bring Olivia to my 28 week antenatal appointment. Her dad couldn’t get off work for it so it was the perfect opportunity to have a mummy/daughter afternoon and include her in even more of this pregnancy.  She’s a typical girl – sweet and maternal and extremely interested in this baby. She says good morning to my bump, kisses it and asks me various questions about what’s going on in there. So when I asked her along to the hospital she jumped at the opportunity to come with me. Straight away she was asking me questions about what we would be doing there so I spoke to her in the way Doc McStuffins speaks to her toy’s, saying things like “it’s time for my checkup” & the midwives will have my “big book of boo boos” and they will call me when it’s time to see me. Just so she would understand what to expect.

I collected her from playschool and off we excitedly went to the hospital, playing Despacito on repeat (just because her daddy wasn’t with us!) I had a little packed lunch and I consciously decided not to bring her iPad because I thought she might enjoy the experience of the waiting room, people watching and asking questions about the place instead of playing computer games. I’m not with the Domino midwives either so I was aware the time that we’d be waiting would be long(ish) but I thought she’d surely be patient and the excitement would take over. Oh I couldn’t have been more wrong!

My appointment was at 2 pm and the next hour and fifty minutes went something like this….

2.05 pm Can I have my banana Mam?

2.10 pm Can I have my water now please?

2.11pm Jellies please…….

2.20pm Sliding down off the chair numerous times. I smiled lovingly at her (thinking to myself ‘you just keep doing that now to pass more time’)…

2.25pm How long more until the Doctor calls you mam? “Soon sweetheart” I answered…

2.30pm Mam, how long moreeeeeee? (voice getting louder)

Oh my nerves at this point, the waiting area is getting busier and hotter and we’re only here 30 minutes. Where is that iPad when I need it?!?

2.40pm How long more maaaammmm? “Soon, very soon”…

2.45pm Doctor calls me. Praise. The. Lord.

We sit down in the examination room and Olivia’s face suddenly lights up as the Doc begins to examine me. I can tell she’s loving all of this. The last part of the examination was listening to the baby’s heartbeat and she’s clearly chuffed. It was a lovely moment. When we sat back down, the Doc was going over a few more additional questions and at the corner of my eye I could see Olivia grabbing our jackets as if to say ‘we’re leaving now’.. But with that, the Doc announces I have to wait and see the midwife also. “You’re kidding me”? I thought to myself. I looked at Olivia with a little fear and said “we’re not leaving just yet”. She’s not impressed!

3pm Mammy why can’t we go yet? “Because we can’t ok”…

3.05 pm Still whinging, When are we going to the playground? “Soon” I say.

3.10pm Sits on my lap and I try to calm her.

3.15pm Midwife calls my name. Praise. The. Lord. Again!

3.30pm We leave the room but I have to follow the midwife to see the Doc again because I forgot to mention my swollen ankle! Oops! Olivia is not impressed.

3.35pm Doc examines me while Olivia sits there looking hot and bothered.

‘Never again’ I’m thinking to myself. Never again!

3.40pm We walk to reception to book another appointment. I’m so relieved, we’re leaving. But it’s short lived. The midwife needs to book me in for a glucose test.

We wait another ten minutes.

Olivia repeating “This is not fun” over and over again.

‘Who is she telling?’ I say to myself…

3.50pm Once the appointments are sorted we are good to go for sure this time and at this point I am more relieved than Olivia is.

To the playground we go and I don’t hear another bit of whining from her again.

She needs to work on her patience…

A lesson well and truly learned today. The next time Olivia will be in the Maternity Dept. will be when this baby is on the outside!

2 thoughts on “Note to self.

  1. Oh yikes. I never found the maternity hospital down here pleasant myself (took at least 4 hours on a good day!) so I can’t imagine the stress of bringing a Netflix-less toddler with me! Glad to hear everything is going well, and that she’s looking forward to becoming a big sister!


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