My Hyperemesis Gravidarum Update

I didn’t know when I would be sitting down writing this post. Just a few weeks ago I couldn’t see and end to how miserable I was feeling. I would cry easily just out of pure frustration. There was a bad aura in our house because of it all and my husband was feeling crappy just by looking at me but luckily it didn’t affect Olivia at all. She got used to seeing me throwing up and a lot of the time she was the only one who was able to make me smile. The power of children eh?! Don’t get me wrong, Aaron was great but he just hated seeing me so unwell and at times it was hard for him.

But here I am in early April and I’m feeling like myself again. I’m off my anti sickness meds and feeling good. I do get little bouts of nausea every few day’s but that debilitating sick feeling that lingers all day is gone. I never thought I’d see the day that I would be typing the word GONE. Only women who have experienced HG will know why I’m so relieved to be writing that word. I’m 19 weeks pregnant now and I know I’m one of the lucky ones. Sometimes Hyperemesis Gravidarum doesn’t ease until week 20 or 24 or worse….until the very end of pregnancy!

Lots of women contacted me since my last post went live, it was a huge comfort to know I wasn’t going through it alone and it also made me realize that what I was experiencing was mild compared to others. I was hospitalized ONCE. Some women are hospitalized multiple times, so in a way I was lucky, even though at the time I didn’t think so.

I didn’t know of any support groups until I wrote my last post. I was contacted by a group from the UK called Pregnancy Sickness Support (PSS) although it’s a UK site, it still has the advice, support and everything we would need to help us realize we’re not alone during this dreadful time. There’s even an option of a live chat available on their website too where we can talk to the female volunteers who run the group. Check them out HERE They go on annual leave next week from 10th – 17th April  so the helpline is closed but there is a link to a private moderated forum where you can talk to other sufferers. You will find them on Instagram and Facebook too and there are lots and lots of stories from other women detailing their experiences and how they got through it. I think you’ll find it great!

I started taking vitamins after I came off my anti sickness meds and I really feel like they gave me the boost I needed. I suppose after being so ill and not eating properly, my body was lacking in the essentials that I needed to keep me going from day to day. Pregnacare Original were a godsend when I needed them most. With 19 vitamins and minerals – they proved to be just what I needed. (Just a side note – I know I should have been taking vitamins much sooner than when I started but I physically couldn’t swallow them as they’re quite big tablets and during my HG I was unable to swallow or keep anything like that down). If you’re suffering with HG you might not be able to handle them yet, so give it time)

Looking back on the horrendous beginning to my 2nd pregnancy, I will never take ‘feeling good’ for granted ever again. Little things like being able to meet up with friends and family is fantastic. We even had a close friends wedding on St. Patricks Day and I dreaded the thoughts of it beforehand because I thought I wouldn’t be well enough to go or even enjoy it, but I did go and I did enjoy it immensely. I even stayed up ’til midnight which was unbelievable for me! I would normally have been in bed asleep before 9pm. It’s really amazing to feel good again. I still might have an off day but it’ll never be as bad as the first few months of the year were and I’m thrilled that I’ve come out the other side already. My belly is growing and I’m feeling little movements and I am so, so grateful for that. But I will forever have empathy for women suffering with HG and I want them to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel….

And tonnes of support out there too! x

Feeling good at the St. Patricks Day wedding wearing ASOS Maternity.

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