Black Friday. Maybe Next Year.

blackBlack Friday has really caught on over here hasn’t it?! There wasn’t a sign of any retailers reducing stock here in Ireland until recent years. We all just watched the news in amazement at shoppers in the U.S tearing each others hair out over a TV reduced to $10 or something ridiculous like that.

Now it’s happening over here but we’re a little more civilized (I think)

But I’m yet to catch on. Stupid I know, but I never have enough savings to get bargains over Thanksgiving weekend. If I was at all shopping savvy I would aim to do my Christmas shopping this weekend but no I’m not savvy at all! Our local Penny Bank paid out the cheques to all the wise people that have saved money over the past ten months and unfortunately I wasn’t one of them. I ask myself WHY every year. Why didn’t I save up? So so silly of me.

So here I am on Black Friday with my phone beeping away with notifications of this place and that place offering up to 50% off their products. I’ve bought one or two things but that’s it. Excitingly enough for me though our washing machine and oven both broke last week only a few days apart. So that’s where my husband and I will be this weekend – Trying to nab a decent bargain for two frickin important household appliances.

I may be seen tearing someones hair out over a cooker, who knows…..

It’s great that retailers are on board with reductions for Black Friday. I follow a lot of Independent businesses on Instagram and their products look fab. I haven’t bought from some of them yet but I’ll still share what discounts they are offering today and for the weekend, just in case you haven’t heard of them yet! And discounts on main stream shops too!

My Shining Armour – Up to 50% off Jewellery, Homeware, Stationary, Techy stuff and much more. The home of Kate Spade products, Bombay Duck mugs and some very fashionable marble desk organisers. Check them out HERE

The Irish Fairy Door Company 30% off absolutely everything. Fairy Doors are so popular right now. Our fairy Rua is very much part of our daily routine with Olivia. She loves interacting with her. (Rua has gone from being a boy to a girl now) The Irish Fairy Door Company has lots of added extras so check them out HERE

The Temple Wolf – An online store for bohemian dreamers from jewellery, homeware cards and gifts. To avail of 10% off everything use Code -blackwolf – Check them out HERE

Pixi and Jon Pretty adorable hair accessories for babies and little girls made in Ireland. 25% Off everything for today only. Code : onedayonly – Check them out here HERE

Hippenings – Everything you need for a stylish party – Weddings, hens, birthday’s, baby showers. Up to 50% off lots of items until Sunday. Check them out HERE

Zara – My fav highstreet store started their 20% sale at 11pm last night. Divine fashion for Men, women and kids. Check them out HERE

Custom Vintage Dublin – The place for those fab Pom Pom Beanies. Any colour you desire (well practically) 10% off today only! Check them out HERE

Moss CottageSimilar to Hippenings but equally as gorgeous. You’ll find some great gift ideas here! They have good deals on in store today only! Check them out here HERE

Happy shopping ya’ll!

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