Our Childfree Honeymoon.

A honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion. (Wikipedia)

And normally without children too! So why did I feel nothing but guilt when we left our three year old behind?

Last month we spent eight nights away from our little girl. The longest we’d ever been apart in all her life. My husband was adamant that we were honeymooning without her. “We need this break” he’d say. I wasn’t so sure at the beginning but I must admit I was a little excited at the thought of all the free time to do what we wanted, when we wanted. A holiday with a child is first and foremost about them – I know this because we’ve done it a few times already. But this time, this holiday, our honeymoon was all about us.

I’ve lots of great memories of our time in Rhodes, Greece. But nothing prepared me for my gut wrenching, pining at not having our little girl with us. The first day or two was spent catching up on sleep after our whirlwind wedding weekend. It was absolutely amazing to re-energize ourselves. But then I started to miss Olivia. A lot. I’m sure the pining was brought on by the sight of happy families playing with their little children because you see, we booked last minute at a FAMILY RESORT. Yeah, you read it right. FAMILY RESORT. That just added to my guilt, seeing mammy’s playing in the pool with their children, families eating their evening meals together, evening kids entertainment shows. THE GUILT.  I’m sure most of them weren’t on honeymoon either but that didn’t help me. At times I probably looked like I would snatch a child because I was staring and smiling at them a bit too much. I even thought about telling those parents that I had a child back home too. It would’ve went something like this “Just so you know I’m a mammy too, I’m on honeymoon, don’t judge me”. As if they cared like…..Bring your child next time weirdo!

Just the two of us.
Just the two of us.

Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy being with my new husband and exploring the island. We ate and drank our way through the week, a bit more than we would have if Olivia had of been with us. So here’s my take on the upside of honeymooning without kids.

Sleep – Uninterrupted glorious sleep.

Sex – Morning, Afternoon, Evening. No quickies necessary when you’re child free!

Drinking midday by the pool.

Getting drunk together at night.

Sunbathing without interruptions.

Reading a book or two…

Going on water rides (that aren’t suitable for children) and totally feeling like a teenager again.

Sipping cocktails in a gorgeous bar. Like proper grown ups!

Enjoying our evening meals completely. (Only parents will understand this)

Walking tours. So much easier without small kids. Especially when they’re not in a buggy anymore.

Sleep. Did I mention sleep?

Aaron and I honeymooned in the traditional way, childless. But far from childless we were. If I had my time back, I would still honeymoon without her but just not for as long. Four to five day’s would’ve been plenty to spend some quality time together. Eight day’s was a long time for me personally. It was enjoyable most of the time but I would’ve enjoyed it more if she had of been with us. Lesson learned.

I don’t plan on going on a honeymoon ever again anyway, so it’s family holiday’s for the next fifteen years at least!

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