Mamastyle – C-RO Etage Magic Fit Jeans

img_4251A good pair of jeans and a good bra are the hardest items of clothing to find. I’ve worked in boutiques for twelve years now and they seem to be the main problem for most of my customers – A problem that I (99% of the time) can fix!

Every so often we find a brand that can tick a lot of boxes. Low rise were all the rage in the early noughties but now it’s all about the high rise, whether your 15 or 55, it’s without doubt the most popular style right now. When I’m not working I wear jeans constantly, ripped, boyfriend, skinny, I love them all and I’m alway’s on the lookout for something new, especially when I’ve worn others to death.

Recently, I was introduced to a brand of denims that really caught my attention. I’m all about comfort, but they have to look stylish too. C-RO Etage Magic Fit Jeans tick those boxes. Before I was told that they’ve also got anti cellulite properties in the fabric, I tried on the jeans and the fit was really good, they didn’t feel as heavy as denim but they look like a proper pair of denim jeans. So having anti-cellulite properties is a big bonus in my eyes! Worn everyday for 4-6 weeks it reduces cellulite.

Since my wedding I’ve gained weight (eating and drinking all around me) so I was a bit nervous trying on skinny jeans, but they flatter my ass and legs which is great! Holding in my mummy tummy is the best part though! I also heard on the grapevine that you may want to go down a size when buying these, but I didn’t (maybe it’s the extra weight)! But it’s best to try them on first in your actual size and go from there.

I styled these jeans with two different looks. A winter daytime look with navy top by Olsen, Hat & Scarf both by Pia Rossini. Boots – Marco Tozzi. (Photo credit Amy O’ Loughlin Lawerence) 

And a slightly dressier look as I was going out for dinner – Blouse (last season) Shoes -Penney’s.

The leg styles available are Skinny, Straight, Regular fit & Ankle length and are available in lots of colours. Available to buy at Town & Country Mercantile New Ross.

***I was given these jeans for free to review. All opinions are honest and my own***.

2 thoughts on “Mamastyle – C-RO Etage Magic Fit Jeans

    1. Hi brid, “bioactive crystals are embedded in the yarn. The yarn absorbs the body heat which improve blood micro circulation. The result is a unique formula which improves skin elasticity and reduces cellulite”
      Hope that answers your question. 😊


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