Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Centra’s #livewell campaign.

Breast Check Shower Cards!
Breast Check Shower Cards!

Centra launched their first – #livewell campaign today in association with the Irish Cancer Society’s Action Breast Cancer program. Hosted by Sybil Mulcahy with guest panelists – Nutritionist – Sarah Keogh , Broadcastor & Breast Cancer Survivor – Evelyn O’ Rourke, Blogger – Pippa O’ Connor and Breast Health Advice from Naomi Fitzgibbon – Irish Cancer Society’s Nurseline Manager.

I’m more aware of cancer these days. Someone close to me was diagnosed with it late last year and it has instilled in me how important it is to get ourselves checked out if we see or feel any changes in (not only our breasts) our whole body! It’s vital to keep ourselves in check and to #livewell so that we can help prevent the spread of cancer. It scares the shit out of me at just the thought of cancer but with statistics like “1 in 10 of women will get breast cancer at some stage in their life” and who knows it could be me? I shiver at the thought.

So today’s seminar was about making us aware of ourselves, making healthy lifestyle changes and how to check our breasts correctly. Blogger extraordinaire & Centra Ambassador Pippa O’ Connor spoke about her hectic lifestyle and how at 32, she had never thought about checking her breasts before today. She felt she was too young, but it can happen any woman at any age! We need to remember that. Hearing Evelyn talk about her diagnosis at 37 and treatment whilst pregnant was inspiring. She had a positive outlook on life and was very lucky with her outcome. Unfortunately it’s not the case for over 600 women that die from the disease every year.

Although, today’s talk was nothing I haven’t heard before (bar the part where men can get breast cancer too!) I still needed to be reminded of the importance of checking my breasts and to #livewell and help promote the campaign that Centra are running and hopefully whoever reads this will check their breasts straight away! We, as women and young girls need to know our bodies and be breast aware!

The panelists.
The panelists.



On October 15th there will be over 200 pink walks held around the country – To take part in one near you or to register your own walk, click HERE

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