Mini Fashion Post – Owl Dress


Finally, I made some time to do another Mini Fashion post. ‘About time’ I hear you say!

I had been waiting for good weather and the right location for this look, although I think it was well worth the wait. I pass this old mill in Foulksmills Co. Wexford quite alot lately because it’s close to our wedding venue but I hadn’t stopped there until this week. A wooded area and a run down mill suits this adorable Owl print dress & knee high socks perfectly. It’s a beautiful location for photographs.

I actually bought the dress for Olivia’s birthday back in February but it was quite a big fit so I had to get it altered and when something needs to be altered in my house I always put it on the long finger. Weeks passed but I eventually got round to getting it taken in and now that it fits her properly I was so excited about putting it on her and most importantly she couldn’t wait to wear it either!

Olivia can be a bit of a tomboy at times but the minute I put a pretty dress on her, her face lights up and she automatically starts to twirl. Girls eh?! I love finding unusual pieces for O to wear and PoppyPipSqueak Boutique has lots of cute dresses for our little ones – not your mainstream kind of pieces, yet they’re very affordable. The fox knee socks complete the look because they work so well with the voluminous kick on the dress. Isn’t it just the cutest?

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The details of this look are :

  • Dress – PoppyPipsqueak Boutique (on facebook)
  • Socks – PoppyPipsqueak Boutique
  • Shoes – Tesco
  • Hairband – Zara

mill1mill6mill5mill7mill10mill2mill8 This is not a sponsored post.

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