A Shiseido Master Class with Danielle Mahon MUA

Hey everyone, have you noticed my posts are becoming less frequent? If you think I’ve taken a hiatus, I haven’t! But managing motherhood, work, a household and planning a wedding seems to be taking over my life right now and finding the time to blog is impossible some weeks. There’s just not enough hours in the day! I’m going to keep plugging away at it though and hope you all stick around!

So back to blogging! I had a work event last Tuesday evening with cosmetic brand Shiseido. If you haven’t tried it already then you really should! Their skincare is amazing. But last Tuesday’s event was mostly about make-up and learning how to create two different looks using their products. But before I get into that, let me tell you a little bit about this super brand.

Shiseido has been around for 142 years and is the world’s oldest cosmetic brand. Shiseido is not only a make up brand – They first and foremost, focus on the importance of what’s underneath our make-up and inevitably what we all want to achieve – Beautiful skin. Just like the Japanese! Shiseido’s skincare range is top quality and they have a range to suit all ages. Ever since I started using Shiseido, my skin hasn’t looked as good but at 32 years old I’m still prone to the occasional blemish every now and then but that’s hormonal more than anything, I try to keep them at bay as best I can but having blemish free skin isn’t the only thing I want, wrinkles and dullness are catered for too and I owe a lot to Shiseido I have to say. Even though Shiseido is the oldest skincare brand in the world, they aren’t the most famous at all. They have quietly stayed under the radar with the odd collaboration with some famous faces over the years, but it’s really down to word of mouth that this brand is popular world wide. I was first introduced to it while living in Sydney and I loved using their foundation but in the last five years of working at Town & Country I have pretty much tried and tested everything they have and it’s pretty fricking amazing to be honest!

Make-up tutorials and master-classes are huge right now. Women love to hear what the best products are and how to use them, me included! It’s a great way of keeping up to date on what’s hot right now and last Tuesday night, Town & Country Mercantile hosted a master- class with Shiseido and Danielle Mahon MUA.

Danielle Mahon MUA
Danielle Mahon MUA

s1Danielle, an award winning make-up artist (recently named Bridal Make-Up artist of the year at Weddings Online) is Shiseido’s new brand ambassador and is travelling around the country teaching us all how to achieve a perfect make-up look. And boy does she deliver!

Danielle created a Day Time look on our first model Carmel and a Night-Time look on me. (I have never sat in a chair facing 50+ women while having my makeup applied) I won’t lie it was daunting at first but very enjoyable to sit and experience a top make-up artist doing their thing! Throughout both of the make-up looks, each product that Danielle used was explained thoroughly and personally I have found a new love for certain products and I really saw their worth on Tuesday night. I loved being re-invigorated when it comes to products that I see everyday. Having someone new come in to show how THEY apply make-up and how THEY use products is a great way to create interest in the brand all over again. I could sense that all the women who attended felt the same and they left with new ideas and a damn fine goody bag too!

Me before!
Me before!

I wanted to share what my top 5 tried and tested (makeup) products from Shiseido are –

  • Sheer Eye Zone Corrector – To hide dark circles and is perfect in the steps for contouring.
  • Perfecting Concealer Stick – This baby melts into the skin concealing blemishes and creating a flawless finish.
  • Refining Makeup Primer – Everyone loves a good primer especially if you’ve got open pores & oily skin. This primer is fab in rectifying this and makeup lasts longer if you use a good primer anyway!
  • Eyebrow Styling Compact – Eyebrows have never been as popular and this compact will last you years. It’s ideal for creating the perfect brow without being IN YOUR FACE. I use this when I’m playing sport or in the gym, if I’ve got no makeup on I always make sure to fill in my brows in, this compact makes them look completely natural. I love it.
  • Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask – Its not makeup but it’s too good to not mention. A quick fix for fine lines, puffyness and wrinkles. I use these on the morning of any special occasion or if I’ve had a sleepless night with O. It leaves my eyes looking vibrant and fresh.

The master class was a great success, I’m looking forward to the next one already!

***I’ve not been paid to write this post. All words are my own and I truly believe in the quality of Shiseido because I have used it for quite some time and I’m confident in sharing that with you***

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