E-Book Driving Tips with Chill Insurance

There’s now more of us than ever before driving on our roads and reaching our destination safely is all that matters.

Sharing tips and advice to enhance our safety while driving is such a great idea and Chill Insurance have launched an E Book of top driving tips from car experts and bloggers to help us all drive more safely and it’s FREE to download too!

I was in an accident once and the driver of the other car hadn’t cleared the ice off his window properly and subsequently drove straight into me because he didn’t see me. It was a scary situation but luckily I wasn’t badly injured and ever since I have been very conscious of completely de-icing before driving on the road. Even though that accident wasn’t my fault, I am more aware of dangerous accidents due to poor visibility. It’s just not worth the risk and don’t you just hate drivers that aren’t concerned for other drivers on the road?

Even though the weather has been better the past week or so, we all know that in Ireland we can experience all types of weather in just one day. Like this morning for example, our car was unexpectedly frosted over and just like my tip says…


Even though the weather is a lot milder, I still hate sitting in a cold car in the morning! Check out the e-book HERE for more information.


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