Three. It’s a magic number.

birthday cake

Olivia turned three recently. Three.  It’s strange that I still feel like I only gave birth to her a few months ago (mentally speaking, not physically) I don’t think I can hang on to my “new mother” status for much longer now, “First time mother” maybe, but not “new mother” .

Looking back on her first three years – it has been a completely life changing experience for her dad and I. A massive learning curve. Instantly loving someone more than yourself and a tiredness like we never knew before, but the greatest reward was watching her grow into the lovely little girl that she is today.

Her 3rd birthday felt like the most important one yet. Obviously turning One is major but turning three was a transition from a young toddler into pre-school age, something I’ve embraced, but I yearn for my baby girl at times.

Turning three is a major milestone and here’s some of the reasons why…

She joined a dance class – Prior to her 3rd birthday, I signed her up to a dance class, I was eager for her to go. She’s still an only child so she doesn’t get to mix with other children as often as she or I would like her to. She’s so friendly and expressive when she play’s that I thought dancing would suit her to a T. She’s now in her sixth week there and is loving every minute of it. It was a wise move for her age. She’s my three year old girl.

Playschool – I made the call to the Montessori school that we were interested in and I must admit, I got a little choked up (unbeknownst to the girl on the other end) as I made arrangements for us to visit the school. I kept it a secret from Olivia until the morning of this momentous day. When I told her where she would be going, she grinned excitedly and simply asked ‘will I bring my school bag?’ I burst out laughing. We spent an hour there that day and she loved every minute of it, we’ll go back again for a couple more visits before we make it official but I am pretty sure she will be the happy confident girl that she is at home. My little girl is going to play school. Pass me the tissues! She’s my three year old girl.

Having a Prima Donna like personality aka Threenager – It seems that overnight she turned into a demanding little so and so. Thankfully it’s not all the time but whoever said the baby years are the easiest has obviously never had a daughter! I always said I didn’t want to spoil her. I want her to earn and appreciate what is given to her. Although it’s hard to not treat her at times and these moments of weakness and want for spoiling her do come back to haunt me. Like the other day for example, when she decided that her Toy Story figurines weren’t big enough anymore. The ones that she couldn’t let out of her hands for more than five minutes, the ones she brought to bed with her, the same ones she shared her breakfast with in the morning. She loved them but now she says “dere not big enuf mammy”! Um ok, where has this come from? “I want to go to pizza planet” Ok, I think we need to chill out on watching Toy Story everyday. She has us tormented over these figurines, Day. And. Night. That was the first sign of her not being content with her lot. I’m guessing it’s only the beginning. She is only three after all.

Better communication – I’m currently sitting on the couch with said three year old, her temp is 39.3. She’s miserable but the good thing about that is, she could tell me that she wasn’t feeling well when she woke up yesterday morning. Gone are the day’s that I could only tell something was wrong by her continuous crying. I do like that we can communicate to each other in harmony. We’re somewhat on the same page. I understand her and she understands me. She’s my three year old girl.

Choosing her clothes – Yes I’m at this stage already. But out of all the beautiful clothes that she owns, she makes herself look awfully mismatched. She hasn’t quite mastered the art of coordinating yet, but I admire her enthusiasm. She’s my three year old girl.

Makeup – I love wearing makeup and there’s tons of it at hands reach, so it was inevitable that Olivia would follow in my footsteps. She likes to put lippy on in the morning. I don’t force her, in fact, I try to tone it down. She loves it and that’s fine with me.  She’s my three year old girl.

For the last three years I have taken a photo of Olivia on the morning of her birthday, just after waking up and still wearing her pyjamas. Fresh and raw and showing her changing face over the years. I plan on continuing this tradition until she grows up and moves out. I might just present them to her on her 21st birthday.

Now there’s a thought.

age 1age 2age 3

Three photos for three years of her life.

Three. It’s a magic number.

3 thoughts on “Three. It’s a magic number.

  1. Beautiful post for a beautiful girl 🙂 Three is a milestone, I asked Harry if he’d still be my baby; he said he would lol (for now!)


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