Sunset Appeal – New Year Dog Walk


I couldn’t think of a better incentive to get off my ass and start the new year in a positive way, than this afternoons dog walk in aid of the Sunset Appeal – Animal Welfare and Shelter Home. Sunset Appeal is a local charity set up to home unwanted and abandoned dogs & cats. They also spay and neuter them which is extremely important due to the rise of abandoned pets and puppy farming in the past few years. Charities like these need all the funds they can get, to continue their good work.

We have two dogs at home and one of them named Boo, our hyperactive little mongrel that I adopted 8 years ago as a tiny puppy, is my companion at events like these. I love bringing her with me, she loves the excitement at the meet-up point where she’s surrounded by other friendly canines and she has the chance to get rid of all that energy that builds up inside of her. She’s hyper, did I tell you that already?

Plenty of humans dusted of the cobwebs too and brought their furry friends along and thankfully the weather was in our favour. A first in recent day’s! It was a nice way to ease myself back into exercising again because that shit went out the window in late December and I have serious flab to tone just in time for my bridal fitting next month!


And as I sit here typing this, I’m looking at Boo curled up in the armchair fast asleep (where she shouldn’t be, but she doesn’t follow rules) and I think how lucky she is that she found her forever home with us. It’s vital that we rescue dogs rather than encourage the sale of pups. Pups will be born, I understand that, but it’s out of control when there’s loving, friendly animals out there that need a home.

We should really think twice before buying a dog. Just sayin’…

Found out more about the Sunset Appeal HERE

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