#Mamastyle – Vintage Party Look.


Last Sunday I woke up with the mother of all hangovers. But for once it didn’t bother me that much because it was my eldest sisters 40th birthday bash and we had an absolute blast! I just love nights like that. I literally wanted to relive it all again!

I rocked up to the party in a complete vintage look styled around my black leather midi skirt that I bought two years ago at Folksters renowned Kilo Sale (where all your clothes are priced by weight) for an absolute bargain! It’s the kind of skirt you could style in a number of way’s – with a sweater or polo for a day look paired with ankle boots, but for this occasion, I chose an open back sequins crop top (Folkster) that can also be worn the other way around as a jacket, perfect over a camisole top or dress. You get serious bang for your buck with this top!

I love the leather and sequins combo here – heavy fabrics like this are perfect for Winter, although sequins can be quite girly, paired with leather, the whole look toughens up a bit!

I then mixed the look up completely by adding my camou jacket, also from the Kilo sale at Folkster (I swear I don’t have shares with them) and leopard print heels from Penney’s.

I broke many rules with this look but somehow it all works and that’s what I love about it. I’ve always described myself as a style chameleon and it shows here.




You can buy a similar jacket HERE but Folkster should have them still in stock from their Vintage department in Kilkenny and Dublin.

Skirt HERE


Shoes are current stock Penney’s….

For this shoot I worked with up and coming photographer Amy Lawrence of Creature Creative. Expect big things from this girl! We’ll be working on more #MamaStyle slots and I can’t wait! Also, a huge thanks to Alison. Check her IG page out – Life At Number Ten. Her home is dreamy!

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