Child free for a night!

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Olivia went on a sleepover to her grandparents over the weekend. She hadn’t been for a while and mammy and daddy were very excited knowing they were going to have a full nights sleep for one night, in their own bed, TOGETHER.

No one can really understand this excitement until you have a child that doesn’t sleep all night. Prior to motherhood I was sure my future child would be a text book kid. In fairness she reached all the milestones incredibly well, especially toilet training. And weaning her off the bottle & dummy was a breeze too. But sleeping on the other hand, well it’s not a breeze. Up until she was 10 months old it was all going to plan. Then she decided she needed us beside her as she fell asleep. Then as she got older and had her own bed, she decided she needed us in the bed with her too.

Of course we, as first time parents agreed to these requests and now realize it was a big mistake. Well not a mistake as such, but a slight curve ball to our initial parenting plan. But as I said before it’s hard to resist the love and cuddles from this small person and when they want you next to them, how can you say no?!

So here we are, a year and a half later getting broken sleep every night, and still none the wiser as to when it will ever change.

Oh, but there was one night she slept all night. It was around Spring time, I remember it well because it doesn’t happen that often. Daylight was breaking when I woke up and I realized we were both in our bed without O. I quickly jumped out of the bed, completely startled by this unusual occurrence and totally convinced she was DEAD in her bed. Yes, I went to the extreme area of my thoughts because at the time this had to have been the only explanation as to why she wasn’t after waking up at all that night. Sleep deprivation does that. But as I got nearer to her bedroom door my rational thoughts came back and I tried not to be too loud, just in case she was alive and then I really didn’t want to wake her up! I stood outside waiting to hear her breathing and of course I heard her breathing, I looked in and she was sound asleep. I turned around and walked back to my room grinning like a Cheshire cat. We slept for another hour until she woke and we snuggled her between us and she slept for another couple of hours. It was blissful. I even posted it on my IG feed the next day, actually maybe my Facebook too. It was a big deal for us Ok! This hasn’t happened since though…

So back to this sleep over at her grandparents house. Myself and himself went on a date after O left. We ate delicious food at our local French restaurant and had a proper conversation, just the two of us. We stuffed our faces and rolled out of the place after a couple of hours.

Dropping the car home before walking down town for a few drinks, could’ve been our down fall though.

We went into our house “for a minute”. I felt so stuffed, I wanted to lie down so I decided to undress and climb into bed just to relax “for a minute”. I started to drift off to sleep and I mumbled to himself that I wasn’t too pushed to go out anymore. He wasn’t impressed. But then he undressed and got in beside me. (this isn’t going where you think it’s going) He started to drift off too and we both weren’t too keen on going out anymore. Thirty minutes later we came to our senses and said we can’t end the night like this, we have no child for the night, we’re going out for a few drinks and then we can fall asleep.

We went out, didn’t go crazy, (we left that to the 20 year olds that we were surrounded by), came home a few hours later and slept til 10am the next day.

It was blissful.

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2 thoughts on “Child free for a night!

  1. I know how you feel! It’s a nightmare when your child won’t sleep. My son sleeps through the night for 12 hours or more 90% of the time but when he is sick and wakes up a lot it is really draining! I’m glad you enjoyed your child free night

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