Pumpkin Picking Outift Post.

DSCN1870DSCN1877Gone are the day’s when the parent arrives home with a pumpkin that they bought from the local shop to carve out with the kids. Now it’s all about picking the damn thing from a field ourselves. Olivia is only 2.5 so it’s not like she asked me to take her to pick a pumpkin or anything but it is the craze now and I wanted to experience it for myself too.

Ballycross Apple farm in Bridgetown is not only full of orchards, they have fields of pumpkins too and every Halloween season you can drop in and pick yourself a pumpkin. It was great fun hopping on the back of a tractor and being driven to a field to choose your very own one. My niece and nephew came with us too, they’re aged 9 & 16 and they enjoyed the whole experience aswell. Ballycross Apple Farm is an open farm bustling with the cutest farm animals, all at hands reach, Olivia loved visiting their pens and stables for a rub.

The waffle and crepe bar in the courtyard offered a tasty treat for us parents to sit down and enjoy with a cuppa while the kids went around on the toy tractors lying around the place.

And with such autumnal colours everywhere you look, I knew it would be the perfect location to take some photos of Olivia in her latest look. I bought these pieces a while ago but was never happy with the footwear until I found these nude/pink leather ankle boots. They complete the look perfectly and are super comfy and warm for the colder months.

  • Jumper – Pieces @ Little Jems Boutique Wexford
  • Tiered Skirt – Mini A Ture @ Little Jems Boutique Wexford
  • Knee Socks & Boots – NEXT
  • Scarf – Zara (last year)

Just like you saw in my previous mini fashion post, I’m all about the knee socks with skirts and dresses. I just about got away with it yesterday as it wasn’t too cold in Bridgetown for her to have her legs out in the open. My father would kill me if he knew, but I won’t go into that now!

Overall it was a great experience at Ballycross. The next time I might even try their apples as it was slightly overshadowed by pumpkin picking yesterday. Oops! DSCN1849DSCN1847DSCN1846DSCN1850DSCN1845DSCN1844DSCN1838DSCN1839DSCN1832

We'll take this one please!
We’ll take this one please!

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