Brace face – My orthodontic journey.

brace face 3

It was September 2001 when my orthodontic journey began. I was 18 years old and had always longed for straight teeth. I went through years of hating my crooked teeth and hating myself for that matter. I so badly wanted to get them fixed but it wasn’t until I left school that my parents were in the position to pay for the treatment and I am so grateful to them for that. Little did I know that I would be here right now aged 32, with braces back on my teeth for a THIRD time, yes THIRD. You may find that comical, I’m finding it quite sad but it’s all for a good reason. Like how can I be so unlucky and so vain at the same time to put myself through this for a third time!

For my first round of treatment I wore braces for 2.5 years, my second round was for 1.5 years and here I am for round three and hoping they’ll be off in 5 months time. I know one thing’s for sure, this is most definitely the last time. I’d actually like to meet someone that has had braces on three times. Someone, anyone?

I can hear you ask, Why didn’t I wear my retainer like I was supposed to? I actually did. I wore them as instructed but I should have went the extra mile to ensure they wouldn’t move again, because that’s exactly what happened. I wore my plastic retainer for the first year after the braces were removed. Little did I know they would eventually start to move back to their original state, or at least try to. So as the years passed, I noticed they weren’t as perfect looking as before and I had the braces put back on for a second time. O’ Keeffe Orthodontics in Waterford were very patient with me I must say! After that, I had a permanent retainer stuck onto the back of my top incisors. I thought, yeah, this is it now. But it wasn’t the end of my treatment. My molars started to “collapse”, giving the illusion that I had six teeth in the front. It sounds so awful but when I look at photos of myself that’s all I could see. Instead of a full smile, it looked like my side teeth were missing in certain angles!

I’m not the type of person that will feel comfortable for the rest of their life with teeth like that, so with our wedding date set I just had to go for a third time for vanity’s sake if nothing else.

Brace Face Part 1
Brace Face Part 2

For anyone that has worn braces, you will understand what a gruelling process it is. Teeth extraction is more than likely at the beginning, followed by a lot of discomfort of having the braces put on and the unbelievable pain that you endure in the day’s afterwards. Not to mention mouth ulcers and as I’m typing I have a cold sore too! Many people experience weight loss around this time too and I can vouch for that. It’s near impossible to chew food in the first few day’s. Soft food, soups and smoothies is the only possible way to get some nourishment. It’s been a week since I got them back on and I’m still in pain. It’s nothing like I remembered before, it’s so much worse. Maybe my pain threshold isn’t as high as it used to be but I keep telling myself that it’s all worth it and the end result will be great. But this mother fucking pain can just go away now. I pity any teenager that is going through this. They deserve a day off from school and some TLC because it really isn’t a nice feeling. Sorry parents & teachers but it’s true!

My main concern about having them put back on was how Olivia was going to react to her mammy having a mouth full of metal, so when I arrived home I set my phone on record just in case she reacted in such a way that it would be worthy of a YouTube upload! But no, the kid took it in her stride, she reacted by saying….

‘Woah! Wuvly Mammy!’.

That made me feel a whole lot better about it. Now, the one thing I am wondering is, do I look 18 again?


3 thoughts on “Brace face – My orthodontic journey.

  1. Fair play to you missus! Just got mine back on too for a second time, before our wedding in March. I feel your pain. I was asked by a salesman at the door if my mam and dad were home!!! I took that as a compliment. The pain n embarrassment, will all be worth it especially for our big days ☺️


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