Outfit Post – New Shoes


My dear mother bought Olivia a new pair of shoes the other week, it was so kind and generous of her I know. But she didn’t ask me first and these cute shoes didn’t go with anything in her wardrobe. My mother is all about comfortable, sensible shoes and you can’t beat Clarks shoes for comfort, especially for young children. These shoes are sturdy and supportive which is of course top of the list. But style is pretty high on the list for me too. They are a classic style and I don’t tend to dress Olivia like that.

The thing about these shoes is that they remind me of a pair I had when I was young. Remember the Clarks shoes with the key in the sole? Oh they were the business. My imagination got the better of me when I wore those shoes, it was magical and Olivia’s new shoes are like those, only these have flashing lights on the heels. Yes, lights. Olivia is amazed by them and she would wear them with anything, any day of the week if she was allowed, but I can’t let her out the door in them if she’s wearing casual gear. These shoes deserve girliness.

So I had a great excuse to go shopping to find something appropriate to suit the shoe that my mother (and Olivia mind) had bestowed on me. Oh and did I mention they were purple?

I really love them, now that I have found appropriate attire for them. These pretty shoes need pretty clothes to complement them and this is the look I came up with.


A dress was the way to go & knee socks are so darn cute for this time of year instead of tights and I found this pair for O’s age in Next (pack of three) I’d actually searched a few places for them and totally forgot about Next until I was about to spend 25 euro on a pair from a high end brand. Thank heavens I didn’t! The pretty patterned pocketed dress is from Zara and her raspberry coloured hair clip is from Penney’s.

clark2clark4clark13clark9clark6clark11I’m definitely after being swayed to dress Olivia like this more often and I have my mother to thank for that.

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