Who knew that planning a wedding and being pregnant for the first time were so similar?!?

Kind of...
Kind of…

You may find it bizarre that I can even compare the two but in the past few weeks since we set the date for our wedding, I’ve been surprised at how similar my wedding planning experience is to when I first got pregnant. There’s a lot of naivety involved and here’s why.

Firstly, Olivia was planned, so we knew in that first month of my missed period that I was pregnant, I thought it would take months, even a year, but no, we were pregnant and there was no going back. Booking our wedding gave me that same gut wrenching feeling of, Fuck. This is it, there’s no going back now. Deciding to have a baby and organizing a wedding are two very expensive commitments. As we all know a baby is for life and a (decent) wedding is like a small mortgage – So it’s kind of for life too!

Trying on wedding dresses for the first time was like going for my first scan. The excitement and anticipation of experiencing that moment for the first time was pretty special. Most girls dream of those moments, I know I did and I will never forget either of them.

On Monday I bought a cake slice for our wedding cake. Our wedding is a year away. Why have I bought it already? I’ll probably misplace it and end up having to buy another one closer to the time, just like when I went shopping for baby stuff, I bought far too many baby gros for the early months that I stored away and forgot all about them until it was too late and then Olivia had outgrown them all. I need to be practical here, I can’t be buying silly things until closer to the time. Then I can buy silly things….

Eating well was another major factor of my pregnancy, I didn’t believe in “eating for two” that’s a cop out. I was quite conscious about not overindulging too much. My belly was going to be enormous so I didn’t want my arse to be enormous aswell and here I am back to being conscious of what passes my lips every meal time. I’ve failed miserably in the last week but I’m very aware of wanting to look my absolute best on my wedding day. If I can’t look like the best possible version of me on that day then there’s no hope! So healthy eating it is (and the odd treat obvs!)

Wedding bands and baby names. These are so important. For me choosing the right band is key to how our whole day will be remembered, just like a good baby name. Ridiculous baby names are just, well, ridiculous and will be talked about forevermore, just like the band. If we choose the wrong one it’ll be like “oh the lads band was awful wasn’t it” shit wedding right there!

Are you noticing the pattern here or am I off my rocker? Weddings and babies, babies and weddings, they’re all very similar life changing feelings that a woman can experience. I know I am anyway.

Now all I’m wondering is – Are my labour pains going to resurface again? Actually, that could be the moment I walk up the aisle…I feel sick at the thought of it.


3 thoughts on “Who knew that planning a wedding and being pregnant for the first time were so similar?!?

  1. This is funny and unusually true. We decided to have our wedding less than 11 months after we got engaged, it wasn’t rushed but I did feel the pressure at times. likewise we decided to start trying for a baby and within a month were successful – again I felt a little pressured for time! Planning for both is exciting but also nerve wrecking as you don’t know what to expect but get wayyy too much advice!


  2. Your post is funny and… true… Now me and my fiance have one child and we are planning wedding… I’m so scared about it! Money, dress, cake, band… I don’t know, what I must do first. I was afraid less even about my childbirth.


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