Blog Awards Ireland 2015

blog8I’m proud to say that Olivia’s Mother Blog has now made it onto the shortlist in the “Best Parenting Blog” category at the Blog Awards Ireland 2015. Yay!

I started blogging over two years ago and I’ve learned so much since that night that my little blog went live. When I look back now, I knew so little and have since learned so much. There are some embarrassing posts from the early day’s, but that’s part and parcel of me growing and learning as a blogger. I really enjoy blogging part time but it’s not always easy to find inspiration and I’ve had plenty of “dry spells” but thanks to my daughter Olivia (who was my inspiration for starting this blog in the first place), she keeps my thoughts flowing most of the time.

I didn’t think I’d go any further after the longlist was announced two weeks ago but here I am on a list with some great bloggers that I admire a lot! This part of the process is now going to a public vote that will go live at 4pm today. If you wish to vote for Olivia’s Mother Blog then you can click on a link HERE It only takes a second.

Thank you for following me.

Aileen x

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