Outfit of the day – Leopard Print Dress

DSCN1722 (2)I can’t take any credit for this dress. Actually when I first laid eyes on it I didn’t like it at all, it looked a little cheap but it also it didn’t have much hanger appeal either. Even kids have to try on something first before you can decide whether it’s nice or not, I thought that only happened with adults! But I’ve learned now that I will never judge clothing for Olivia until it’s on her body. So as I was saying, I can’t take credit for this cute dress, my mother and Olivia were shopping buddies the other day (in Tesco) and mam held a dress in each hand and then Olivia chose this leopard print beauty. Giving her a choice of what to wear at 2.5 years old is probably not wise ( I can feel a blog post coming soon on that topic!) but if she keeps making a decision like that, then she can choose my outfits in the future too!

This grey leopard print dress is styled pretty simply with white pumps (also Tesco) . I love the high crew neck style, long sleeve and the gathered effect on the skirt. It can easily be worn with tights in the Autumn. It also helps that I photographed Olivia in the stunning Horetown House. It helps make the dress look way more than the €10.50 price tag! More of these please, especially now that we’re saving for our wedding.DSCN1738DSCN1741 DSCN1765DSCN1751DSCN1747DSCN1754

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