Holy shit, I’m engaged!

Last week is going down in history. My history. I was on a weeks holiday and it started off at a spa with my wonderful mama. It. Was. Divine. I’ve come to the conclusion that it should be compulsory to visit a spa at the beginning of your holiday every year. It really set me up for the rest of the week.

This year we decided to holiday in Ireland. We went to the Cayman Islands last year and that kind of holiday ticked a lot of boxes for years to come so we weren’t looking to fly off anywhere exotic anytime soon, plus there are so many places in Ireland I still want to see, so a little break away was just what we wanted. We chose a couple of nights in Cork (Midleton to be precise). The only similarity between Cork and the Cayman Islands is the first letter of their name and that’s ok because there are places in Cork that I haven’t been before like Blarney. And kissing the Blarney Stone was on my bucket list (cough) A mandatory visit to Fota Wildlife was on the cards too as O hadn’t been there yet. So on Wednesday last we headed off on our little holiday, with a car load of stuff, as if we were going away for two weeks! There was lots of “just in case” outfits and things like that you see…..

We arrived at the Midleton Park Hotel, dropped our bags and headed straight for Blarney. What happened once we arrived at Blarney Castle was very surreal and I never expected to say the following series of words any time soon. My boyfriend proposed to me – He surprised me – I am engaged – I had no idea. 


For those that know me well, find it very difficult to believe that he picked the ring all by himself. Some say he was a brave man for choosing it without my approval but I’m so glad he did. It made it all the more special. I love the ring even though it wasn’t love at first sight and now I wouldn’t change it for the world. He proposed to me with O by his side and it was all sickeningly perfect (Sorry). The beautiful backdrop of the castle and the surroundings in general was somewhere I’d never imagined to be for a moment like this and being taken by surprise just floored me. I wanted it to happen, I just never expected it to happen and I wish I could relive it again because it was such a shock at the time, my memory is a bit blurry. I didn’t cry though, I just smiled, alot!

I got to kiss the stone after the proposal, but bringing Olivia to the top of the castle was a huge mistake, a HUGE one! Are we the only people that forgot most castle stairs are narrow, so of course it would be a one way system so there was no turning back as the queues were so long. Try telling a two year old to wait her turn! I couldn’t wait to reach the top, the views were spectacular and I was shitting myself at how high up we were. Once I’d finally got my wish of kissing the Blarney Stone, we were happy to get back down and head back to our hotel. There is so much to do at Blarney Castle & Gardens so if you plan it well you could spend all day there, it is well worth a visit, but bring a picnic too!

Back breaking oppotunity if you're not careful!
Back breaking oppotunity if you’re not careful!

When we arrived back to the hotel the staff treated us like…I was going to say royalty, but royalty wouldn’t stay in a 3 Star hotel, so let’s just say they treated us extremely well. They knew about the proposal too (sneaky emails from Aaron) I really thought the day couldn’t get any better and then they go and give us an upgrade to the Presidential Suite with prosecco and chocolate coated strawberries. Aaron was gaining serious brownie points by the minute and I was still in shock by it all. Tongue in cheek photo right there! Sure I just had to!-Tongue in cheek photo right there! Sure I just had to!

Complimentary stuff...
Complimentary stuff…
My first photo as an engaged woman. Surely everyone has one of these? Right?
My first photo as an engaged woman. Surely everyone has one of these?
With himself, celebrating with friends.
With himself, celebrating with friends.

Without blabbing on too much about my perfect little day, it’s been just over a week since the proposal and of course I’m still looking at my ring every five seconds, just checking to see if it’s still there, or if I’m being really honest I’m looking at how beautiful it is.

Being his fiance cements our relationship that bit more and I just can’t believe I get to actually plan my wedding day, for real this time!

Mood board at the ready…

15 thoughts on “Holy shit, I’m engaged!

  1. Congratulations! Wonderful news 🙂 What a lovely proposal, looking forward to reading about all your wedding plans.


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