10 Signs your toddler has hit the so called Terrible Twos…

terrible twosDo you believe in the Terrible Two’s phase? Does every child show signs of it?

I’m no psychiatrist nor a specialist in parenting but I do believe a massive change in personality occurs in our toddlers after the age of two. And now I see why it’s called “terrible”, because our child is no longer a baby and is at the stage of being able to communicate more but not fully, hence the reason for more tantrums and misunderstanding and a mammy (and daddy) that want to pull their hair out. It’s pretty much a scenario of being lost in translation and quite “terrible” indeed! I thought it was supposed to get easier once you had toilet trained them or when they’ve given up their soother and bottle….But no, a whole new, slightly harder phase begins. It just goes to show how much I, (as a first time mother) don’t know and my reason for starting my blog in the first place.

I actually searched for signs of a “terrible” phase when O turned two in February, the slightest tantrum I’d wonder was it happening now or when she was being unreasonable, I was like ‘yep here we go’. But it never really happened consistently enough so I kind of forgot about it until a few weeks ago. It’s like living with a hormonal teenager only they’re alot cuter! On a positive note though this phase is all about our toddler exploring their surroundings and learning something new everyday, so it’s not all drama.

But for the more dramatic episodes Here are my 10 signs you’re most definitely going through a so called “Terrible Two’s phase” or as I like to call it ” A Growing Up Phase” with your child. Speaking from experience that is!

10. One minute they are their usual lovely self, chatting away to you, wanting you to play with them, the next minute they’re going to explode in a fit of rage because you won’t allow them to play outside….. in the rain.

9. They run away from you when you want to dress them. Like. Every. Time. It doesn’t get any funnier, just more annoying and it always makes you late for stuff. That’s disobedience right there!

8. They’ve been as good as gold for you at home alone (so you have no proof to say otherwise) and then you take them to your parents for Sunday dinner with the rest of your family there and they act like the most spoiled brat EVER.

7. They like to say “No” alot.


6. They like to say “Mine” alot.


5. They have no patience whatsoever (in some cases that can be hereditary though)!

4.  If you correct them they scream at you and start banging stuff!

3. Your make-up bag is no longer your own. They still don’t understand, even though you’ve taken your lipstick from their hands fifty times already and told them that they can’t use it anymore. All I hear is – It’s Mine. (See no.6)

2. You chase them alot because they have something in their hands that they are not allowed to have. (You just can’t put everything up on a high shelf!)

1. They test you to the very last, waiting to see how far they can push you and what your reaction is going to be. Believe me I’ve had a few meltdowns but this part is a great learning experience for both parent and child. I find here (when I’ve calmed down) I can show O what she should and shouldn’t do.

All of the other nine hints that I’ve mentioned are all supposed to pass and they should turn into the loveliest children that any mother would be proud of (I hope)! I also totally get that there’s a slight language barrier between parent and child and they’re still so young and have alot to process, but I am looking forward to the time when this is all a distant memory and we can understand each other instantly. Until adolescence…

4 thoughts on “10 Signs your toddler has hit the so called Terrible Twos…

  1. Do you think its possible for a 15 month old to be already hitting the terrible twos!? This list pretty much describes her…although shes a little slower on her feet and can’t say No yet…although she can and does nod her head, a lot! I imagine its all downhill from here!

    Congrats on your engagement as well, the ring is stunning!


    1. Sorry for my late reply! I think it’s possible your 15 month old is just exploring her personality now and testing the boundaries. It’ll be interesting to see what she’s like in a few months time haha.
      And thank you, i’m thrilled about my engagement.


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