Kia Ora Mini Farm


For me, Summer is about day-tripping to different places as often as possible. I love being able to hop into the car and visit somewhere child friendly with O, it doesn’t have to be hours away, preferably not hours away at all, nor even overnight. Just a day away from the norm. Today was one of those day’s. I’d arranged to meet my cousin and her boy’s for a day out so we picked Kia Ora Mini Farm near Gorey Co. Wexford. I have no recollection of ever hearing about this place before and it’s in the same county as me, but luckily my cousin picked up a flyer in a hotel, (actually it was her four year old that saw the flyer and he told his mammy that he wanted to go there!) I must say he picked a great spot.

When we arrived at the farm we parked up in a spacious carpark and made our way to the main entrance. It’s €7.00 entry fee per person (child or adult), an absolute bargain for what lay ahead. Once we walked through the coffee shop we were greeted by a mass of children and adults in a hive of activities. Olivia’s eyes widened and she didn’t know which direction to take first, we copped a huge barn with lots of cages that were home to various small animals like – rabbits, puppies, chicks, birds etc. There was a petting area and the staff like the rest of the staff around the farm were extemely friendly and helpful. They were only too glad to keep the kids and parents happy. Olivia and Olly took a seat and got to hold some cute little animals. We were already off to a good start! DSCN1541DSCN1584DSCN1582After the petting area the kids moved on to milk a life size model cow. Olivia screams when she sees cows in a field so this was great for her. She sat on the little stool and milked the cow (water came out) she was in her element, it actually took me back to my childhood on my grandparents farm, when my Grandad taught me how to milk a cow. I have great memories of those day’s. DSCN1568The layout of this farm is a winner for me. It’s a big place but everything is together, they’re just seperated by fences or playground equipment or picnic benches, lots of picnic benches! You don’t have to walk miles to get to the next interesting spot. It felt like a very safe place for kids and I got a sense that there was no easy escape for a child if they were to get lost. Another thing that would catch your eye is the amount of ride on tractors and bikes that are lying around the place. 100+ I reckon so if your child was to get tired of walking they can ride around the place on these. Olivia and Olly thought this was a great idea.DSCN1634 DSCN1638DSCN1598DSCN1608DSCN1641DSCN1609While you’re surrounded by animals there is lots of other activites to enjoy like – go-karting, football, basketball, sand-pits, real diggers, a maze, a giant buzz off (that I just had to try out) and the piece de resisitance for the two younger kids was the Fire Engine. A REAL ONE! The kids were so excited to get a ride around the farm in it.DSCN1559 DSCN1543DSCN1560 DSCN1596 DSCN1631DSCN1592The only thing that I could fault was the food. They offer a very small selection of sandwiches and cakes. They do sell ice-cream and other confectionery that appeals to the little ones. I highly recommend packing a picnic as they allow you to bring your own which is fantastic! I brought a small packed lunch for O, I alway’s do, as I just never know whether they have something suitable for her in certain places, it’s just easier that way. DSCN1625DSCN1628

DSCN1654Our day was jam-packed with stuff to do and the time just flew by. You could easily spend a day here and not get bored. It’s a little haven for animal lovers especially. I will most definitely be paying this place a visit again.

Directions to get there –

Exit 23 off the Gorey bypass. Follow signs for Courtown until Courtown Roundabout. Take a left for Gorey, Next right Kia Ora Mini Farm!


Find them on Facebook HERE & their Website HERE




10 thoughts on “Kia Ora Mini Farm

  1. Everytime I suggest Kia Ora to the kids they say no because they were brought on so many school tours there when they were in what they call ‘the baby classes’ lol 😀 It looks great though, I’ll have to persevere with them, my two smallies would love it I’m sure 🙂


  2. Its a great place for all ages since they put in the gokarts and crazy football – even teenagers seem to enjoy it now which is great


  3. There are lots of things for older kids here too now. Its a fantastic place for all the family. Even the Mams and Dads can use the gokarts and digger and go on the fire engine


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