Outfit Post – Head to Toe Tesco.




I was well overdue a visit to the F&F @ Tesco clothing aisles this week. I must say they really do come up with gorgeous designs for our little ones and I couldn’t pass this Poppy flower print top and shorts combo. Aren’t they fab?! They weren’t actually displayed together but I just had to pair the two of them up.

Matching tops and bottoms in the same print is huge right now. These shorts have a slight pleat that make them look a little like a skirt, they’re very cute and elegant and the scalloped edging on the top really finishes it off well. Her cream pumps are dotey, I still can’t believe this whole look is F&F Tesco!

I imagine Taylor Swift loving this look too, don’t you think? This is her to a T.






DSCN1497I shot this blog post in the lovely surroundings of the Brandon House Hotel & Spa in New Ross this morning. Their five senses walk is a little hidden track all connected to our senses. It’s worth a look, but I hate to say, I have seen it in better condition than today though. It was actually Olivia’s first time there and she really enjoyed it.

There’s nothing like a Sunday morning stroll to clear the head…

3 thoughts on “Outfit Post – Head to Toe Tesco.

    1. Ah you’re coming up this way? I can’t believe I don’t know you. Although you’re younger than me so maybe that’s why! Yeah Tesco clothing is just great really, you not only leave the place with unnecessary food but lots of clothes too! :-/


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