Vanish Stain Remover – Review


In the past, I’m guilty of throwing clothes into the washing machine without a second thought of treating a stain. When the wash finished and the stain was still there I would sigh and think why didn’t it come out? Also, in the past, if there was a really noticeable stain on a piece of my clothing, I’m ashamed to say I’ve asked my mother to treat and wash it for me. I never trusted myself to do a good enough job, mothers are just better at these things right? So when I became a mother two years ago all of that changed. I now do all my own washing, stains and all! Especially now with Olivia being a toddler she’s just into everything and more times than not she will have a stain on her clothing every evening when I change her for bed. Actually show me a person that can get two day’s out of a toddlers outfit… It’s near impossible to keep clothes clean on young kids. Now, when I see a stain on Olivia’s clothes, I want to treat it instantly or at least that evening, I would never have cared enough to do that before and like I’ve said a million times already, everything changes for the better when you become a mother (even the washing!)

Vanish is my go to stain remover product. In the past though, I’ve only ever used their pre-wash spray. I don’t have a cupboard full of different products, I’m not that domesticated! I wear fake tan and my clothes get destroyed in it, especially the lighter colours, Olivia’s clothes have the most random stains on them weekly, like for instance the dress in the photo has a strawberry mushed into it. My cream Summer dress is covered in tan & sweat stains (sorry for being gross but it’s true). My khaki green dress has oil stains on it because I stupidly cooked dinner while wearing it. These are my 3 guinea pigs and boy do they need cleaning! I’ve washed the khaki dress already without treating it as I didn’t realise it was splashed with oil and it came out of the wash just like it went in.

Getting down to business.

I squeezed Vanish Gold Powergel on Olivia’s white dress and my khaki dress. This stain remover has a new rubbing head and once the gel is put on the stain you rub the surface in circular motion and then you let it work for a few minutes before washing as normal.


DSCN1419 DSCN1424

Before. Splashes of oil!


On my cream Summer dress I used Vanish Gold Oxi Action as I felt this product would do a better job on fake tan stains. I’ve had this dress for six years and it alway’s had a hue of fake tan under the arm.



Giving it a little rub together!
Giving it a little rub together!

As you can see below, the results on all 3 dresses is incredible. My cream dress is like new and the two others are stain free also. I am slightly obssessed with washing now and I guess I owe my mother a few loads…

Look at those beauties!
Look at those beauties!



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I received these products for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

6 thoughts on “Vanish Stain Remover – Review

  1. I used Vanish Power gel stain remover after seeing the TV advertisement showing all sorts of stains being removed from all sorts of materials. I used the product on my best Bugatti jacket and it absolutely destroyed it. I complained to their Consumer relations UK and after sending photos and all the data requested, I was told that I should have read the instructions on the bottle label, where it says “Test on the material before use”. Just tough luck on me


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