10 Reasons to start playing tennis.


Tennis is my sport of choice and it has been for many years. I dabbled in other sports as a child like the running club, basketball, Gaelic football but tennis was my favourite. Before I even stepped onto a court or knew the rules, I was practising my co-ordination of ball to racket against the wall of my house. Then once I hit the court with my cousins it wasn’t long until I grasped how to play. Thankfully there was a month long Summer camp every year when we were young, that had us up early every morning hitting the ball around, learning the skills, that’s where my love for the game grew. I particularly love tennis in the Summer, it’s alot nicer playing on a hot day than an icy cold morning. It’s just a fun game and here’s why.

My 10 reasons why you should pick up a racket, grab a mate and hit a court near you.

10. Fitness – Tennis is a great form of exercise. You get to work your whole body throughout the game but you have little intervals in between to catch your breath. Playing singles is definitely better for fitness though so don’t get too used to ONLY playing doubles, mix it up a bit.

9. Tennis is a great way to meet people and form new friendships. I have played with people from all walks of life. I might have never spoken to them before but when you share the same hobbie, those friendships sometimes last for years. I also play with my cousins and have done since we were small, it kept us close as we grew up. Also if you’re single and looking for love, joining a tennis club is another chance to meet someone outside of a pub. You just never know!

8. If you’ve a competitive streak then tennis is for you, especially if you play singles. You only have yourself to blame if you play bad but it’s also a great way to better yourself every time you walk onto that court. Entering tournaments is a fantastic way to challenge yourself to see how far you can get. (All the way hopefully)!

7. Fashion – We all know tennis dresses are cute and sexy. You won’t see me in them though, I’m very much a leggings and top kind of girl. But I do admire women kitted out in those dresses and skirts.

6. I don’t know about you but when I watch tennis on TV I just want to get onto a court ASAP. It’s a really enjoyable game to watch as well as play. I also get tips from watching the Pros, they’re the best coaches.

5. Tennis is for any age and for any level of fitness. I played with a five year old recently and boy could he hit the ball over the net. He had great control of the racket too for the little size of him. That’s the good thing about it, never underestimate the young and most definitely never underestimate a person that looks over the age of 60, they have the best skills!

4. Toned arms. Now who doesn’t want them? Playing backhand and forehand, you really work your biceps and triceps. Even your shoulders get sculpted. It’s great.

3. Toned legs. Especially your thighs. All that running around and quick stops is great for toning your quadriceps and calves.

2. Core Strength – I’m far from having abs but playing tennis strengthens your core every time you hit the ball. Especially after having a baby, my core was alot weaker and my lower back too after I had the epidural. So any exercise that strengthens those areas is highly recommended.

1. Stress Reliever – I kept this for my No.1 reason to get out and play tennis. Like any sport or form of exercise, our stress levels are lowered because of the endorphins our body releases while working out. When I’m on the court, hitting the ball helps me to forget anything that’s negative in my life. Even if it is only for an hour or so, I feel ten times better than when I started.

So if you have an urge to play tennis but haven’t made it onto a court then maybe this will get you motivated. I’m playing in a few hours and I can’t wait.

Tennis - It's a family thing!
Tennis – It’s a family thing!

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