A birthday to remember for all the wrong reasons.

Hope your birthday brings you everything that makes you happy.

(A caption from a birthday card I received yesterday).

Well what a load of shit that was. The Universe, God, Karma whatever it was that got in the way of a day that was supposed to be a happy occasion has made me realise that a birthday is just like any other day. Emergencies aren’t stalled because of a particular celebration. I only read recently of a poor bride whose dad died of a heart attack on the dance floor at her wedding reception. Seriously like, how messed up is that?! Why did I think I was immune from such an episode?

Thankfully mine wasn’t that extreme.

After working all day I was pretty excited to get home and enjoy the evening that I had planned with my family.  A get together over homemade lasagne, wine and of course presents! Olivia had been unwell the day before and we had taken her to the Care Doc for an ear ache complaint and other symptoms. The Doc prescribed an antibiotic and off we went. I felt relieved as I knew I had work over the next few day’s and I thought getting some meds into her would make her better quicker. Oh how wrong I was. 24 hours later I arrived home from work to a distressed toddler with swollen lips, tongue, unusual breathing and thanks to my sister we quickly realised it could be an allergic reaction to her antibiotic that contained Penicillin. I’m allergic to it myself but I never thought to tell the doctor that the previous day. As I relayed her symptoms over the phone to the CareDoc, an ambulance was called right away. The very mention of the word ambulance had me welling up immediately. I had never been in an ambulance in my life and I couldn’t believe this was happening to Olivia. The ambulance arrived very quickly, the paramedics assessed her and we were taken into the ambulance. Olivia was actually coming around at this stage and the lovely guy said that her body was obviously fighting it off. He didn’t have to give her a shot of anything either. By the time we reached Waterford A&E her lips had gone down a great amount, she was breathing normally but talking quietly. After more assessments with doctors, they confirmed it was probably a reaction to Penicillin, four hours later we were on our way home. I hate hospitals, I prayed we wouldn’t have to stay as I could see myself that O was pretty much OK. She does however have to go back for further tests as they reckon she’s one of those children that could be allergic to other things. I dread the thought of tests but they have to be done I guess.

Once we sat in the car to go home we were famished and exhausted after our few hours in A&E but so relieved it wasn’t much worse. I got home just in time to have Happy Birthday sung to me before midnight. I kind of thought it might be bad luck if it wasn’t. But bad luck happens anyway, birthday or no birthday.

Late night birthday wishes with a disheveled looking O...
Late night birthday wishes with a disheveled looking O…

7 thoughts on “A birthday to remember for all the wrong reasons.

  1. Oh gosh, the fright, so glad to hear she was ok. It’s awful putting them through tests but worth it in the long run if it spares you another fright like that.
    Belated Happy Birthday!


      1. Hopefully she’ll be ok, being a different situation for her, it might make her a little shy & reserved. The doctors will be well used to it all anyway. Best of luck!


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