Pinterest perfect bookshelves.


I’ve been hooked on Pinterest since I was introduced to it a few years ago. I kept scrapbooks of my favourite things when I was a young girl but now thanks to Pinterest I can keep an online scrapbook of what I admire in the world. I could happily pass an hour or two pinning stuff like home style, fashion and quotes in my make believe world of gorgeous, inspiring finery.

So back to reality and the topic of this post. I get inspired easily by Pinterest and sometimes I get really excited when I think I can achieve a look thanks to some of the ideas that are pinned. We needed book shelves in Olivia’s bedroom and we already had ordinary shelves from Ikea on the wall for various items in the room but this time I wanted something a little more unusual and specifically for books and of course I found the ideal design. It’s more of a ledge than a shelf though!

All I needed to make the two ledges was (1) 8×1 and (1) 4×1 timber lengths, cut into 22″ lengths. The lovely man at my local hardware store cut the timber to the correct size for me and when I brought them all home I painted them the same colour as Olivia’s chest of drawers, mainly because I had paint left over but also because it looks well having the turquoise in another area of her room.


I then acquired the help of a friend to help me put together the three pieces of timber. I’m good but I’m not that good! A drill & some screws are needed here. Once they were put together they were then attached to a bracket to hang on the wall.



It really is the simplest shelf/ledge to piece together. It’s neat and tidy and I love that the books are front facing on it. Since we filled the ledge with books, Olivia is more interested in reading other stories now rather than THE SAME ONE EVERY NIGHT! Halleluja!

A bright and colourful corner just the way O likes it...
A bright and colourful corner just the way O likes it…

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