Toddler R & R – Massage

All set for some massage...
All set for some massage…

Olivia was three months old when I signed up for baby massage. I loved every minute of those classes. It was a break from the house and it was another special way for the two of us to bond. Learning the technique was awkward at times but seeing her on the blanket so relaxed (most of the time) was mesmerizing. I continued it at home for a while but when she got older and more active it was very hard for her to relax or to even understand when she should relax, so after a while I stopped doing it.

Fast forward two years and I’ve decided to try massaging her again. I’m a huge fan of massage, I’d lie on a cold floor if I thought someone would come rub my back. Ok that’s a bit extreme but you catch my drift.. I knew Olivia would be just like her mammy, she’s a sucker for a rub down too.

Olivia wouldn’t be the most settled sleeper at night and anyone that has experienced this would know that you’d try anything if you thought it would make the situation better, so I bought Little Green Radicals Organic Sleep Balm a few months back thinking this could be my savior and if I believed in it, then that would mean it’d work, right? But unfortunately it didn’t, I actually think it worked more on me. But I didn’t need help in that department. I stopped using it after a while though because I wasn’t seeing the results I so badly hoped for. But now I have started using it again purely because I got a notion to massage Olivia and I can rub this sleep balm into her temples (which is always a good thing!) I work my way down her body, massaging different areas and she loves it. The first time I started back doing it, she lay across my lap after her bath one night and I really didn’t think she would stay still for so long but she did, she was so still and relaxed that I was so relaxed just watching her. I found myself whispering little words to her as her eyes rolled in her head. When I stopped, she whispered to me “again”. It was so adorable. I tried to remember  movements from the class but my memory is quite hazy, for me though it’s more about touch than the actual technique. When I finished, she was like jelly.

I was delighted that I’d tried massage again because she really enjoys it and it’s time out from TV and basically running around the place. I actually don’t know how toddlers go all day without a nap sometimes. They are so active and barely give themselves a break. That’s why I wanted to help O take some time out to just chill. Some day’s if she doesn’t nap, I’ll massage her instead. The massage I gave her the other day has been the best one yet. She had a bath and I got her bits together to dress her by the fire. I took down the jar of sleep balm and she knew exactly what was about to happen! She plonked herself onto the mat and cushion I had laid out for her and she lay there waiting for me. As I was going through the motions her eyes started to roll more than ever before and she physically couldn’t keep them open. “YES”! I thought to myself, she is going to fall asleep right here, right now and I can take loads of cute photos and show everyone that I massaged my child to sleep. But no, it wasn’t meant to be. Our electricity meter alarm went off, (it’s feckin loud) our dogs were moaning because they hate the sound of it and Olivia was rudely interrupted by the commotion. I was gutted, hopefully next time I’ll get her to sleep doing it, it’s not necessary but it’s just something I want to try! I never thought I’d be so eager to give someone else a massage, I was always the one wanting to receive it instead. But when you see your two year olds face looking like she’s on another planet just because of a bit of rubbing, then it’s all worth it.

After her massage - that face says it all!
After her massage – that face says it all!

2 thoughts on “Toddler R & R – Massage

  1. So sweet! I never did baby massage because any time I attempted it, she would just squeal! But now she’s 13 months I might give it a try again…sleep seems to be disappearing from our lives again! You paint such a sweet picture of her relaxing as well!


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